A net friend of mine – Bill Mullins, had an article scraped today.  Not only was his article scraped by a scraper (someone who plagerizes someone elses work), but he had the nerve to rub it in Bill’s face.

What happens is the scraper gets a bunch of advertising and tries to profit using other peoples articles. I suspect it happens all over the web. People who do this are turds.

Mr. Mullins is a leading authority on web security and writes daily articles to heighten our awareness on viruses, spyware, malware, and other nefarious computer infections. I have learned much from Bill and I find it unfortunate someone (a turd) would use Bill’s articles as their own.

Here is the website where scraping is occurring. Make sure you pay Mr. Turd a visit and let him know he’s unwanted in the internet world.

Then pay a visit to Bill Mullins website and read his blogs on internet security. I guarantee you will learn something. Bill’s Tech site is a daily stop for me and it should be for you too.

And watch out for turd scrapers.


8 thoughts on “Turds

  1. Glenn,

    Thank you for this great article. I appreciate the effort you’ve made in informing your readers that thieves come in all shapes and sizes.

    I love the terminology “turds” – an apt decription of these low-lifes who profit from other peoples efforts.

    Your article will help make a difference.


  2. “Plagarism is the finest form of flattery.” I’m not sure who said that. I’m not condoning what the turd did. Not at all. Me, I’d be quietly proud if someone actually plagarized my stuff. I’d be affronted at the same time, but smiling on the inside. You know that most people have no imagination at all and can only parrot what other people say. Look on it like a learning disability or a mental disease or something. Pity the poor poor creatures and build them special ramps so they can get on the internet like everybody else.

  3. darev: turd is shamelessly plagiarizing so he can load his page up with ads so he can profit. in this case, it sucks.

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