Firefox 3.0.5

Finally out of beta is the next release of Firefox. In this release, Firefox has repaired numerous security issues and a few other things as well. For a complete list, click HERE

As many of you already know (well, those who use FF), Firefox is a powerful web browser and in my humble opinion, is way more safer to use than IE to browse the web. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I opened IE other than my favorite add-on, IE tab. The IE tab will render any page that doesn’t support Firefox so there really is no need to even open IE. Unless you like drive by malware.

So what are you waiting for? Make the jump to Firefox and say good bye to IE and join the millions of people who are part of an open source project to benefit the masses. Besides that, with all the add-ons available, Firefox is FUN!!

Go HERE to download Firefox 3.0.5


9 thoughts on “Firefox 3.0.5

  1. I’m very seriously thinking about it, g. I downloaded Opera and am trying it out right now. Not sure if I like it or not. The wife is going to Firefox. I’ll see how she likes it and I may switch. I’ve just been using IE for so long it’s problems just seemed like potholes in the road that never got fixed. I guess it’s time to wake up and live in the real world with the big kids…… (sigh)

  2. darev: i made the switch a couple years ago and haven’t looked back. i’ve tried them all, opera, safari, flock, chrome (i actually like chrome as it is speedier at rendering pages than firefox but still lacks support that i need). FF is hugely customizable with add-ons. The biggest benefit though is you don’t have every spyware and malware attacker gunning for it like you do with IE. With different security addons, you can make it almost security proof. I made the switch from IE to FF after my second bout of malware attack which jammed my ‘puter up pretty good.

  3. Well, this is day two with opera and it’s been giving me some problems. I hate to switch again after I spent hours getting everything set up just right, but if I gotta I gotta. I’ll probably spend this afternoon setting up firefox and re-rearranging all my bookmarks again. (sigh)

  4. You should set all of your bookmarks up at delicious and sync them to FF. That way if you ever want to change browsers again, you have delicious to do it from. FF integrates well with delicious.

    FF has excellent bookmarking.

  5. donna: i’ve heard that from other folks as well. i tried opera about 6 mos ago when they released 9.5 and it worked fine for me. opera’s speed dial is pretty cool but that was about it for me.

    i’ve also been test driving google chrome for the past few months. it’s like firefox was two years ago so it still has a ways to go. one nice thing about chrome is it is absolutely a speed demon. if all you want to do is browse, it fits the bill. i can’t do too long without my ff addons though.

  6. Well g, I went and did it. And of course, you were right. Between you and Guy, I don’t know if I can stand you two being right all the time. Firefox is great. Opera kept locking up and I’m not tech savvy enough to tweak it. So I dumped it and went to firefox. And I didn’t even have to rearrange my bookmarks! It put them all in pretty much the same order I had them in.
    So tell me….
    How can I get my daughter to act as well as my computer does now?

  7. That’s great to hear Darev!

    i just let my daughter play webkins on my laptop and she does fine.
    if ya can’t beat ’em, turn ’em loose on your laptop.

  8. Heck, if I did that, she’d be all up in my bookmarks. Nuh-uh. My daughter is sixteen and just curious enough to go trolling around in dads puter. She has her own and I check the history regularly.

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