The Port – I Can’t Contain Myself

I promise not to make this a political blog. I’m clicking my heels together as I say this.

As the title of this blog post sez: I Can’t Contain Myself.

Floyd Holcom (recently appointed port commissioner) has recently made some interesting statements in a recent article from a local newspaper.

Port Commissioner Floyd Holcom, the Port’s treasurer, said as a public agency the Port needs first and foremost to pursue its mission under Oregon law to create jobs and economic development.

“The economy here has got to survive on something other than retirees,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the balance sheet. This is about the long-term vision for our community.”

So Floyd, my question. Are jobs more important than the balance sheet at the port? According to your statement they are. If that is the case, you might take a hard look at GM, Chrysler, and Ford. They all have similar philosophies.

One big difference – The feds aren’t going to bail you out.

So do us taxpayers a favor. Abandon your pursuit of Tongue Point. The price is too high and the port can’t afford it.


8 thoughts on “The Port – I Can’t Contain Myself

  1. That does seem to be a reckless position for Floyd to take,but you and I both know that short quotes may not fully express our views. I don’t know the price or terms for TP. If it makes some sense, then I’m predisposed to want to see such scarce industrial property in public hands. I wish that the Port could have pulled off the investment back in – you recall better than I – 2002?

  2. peter: floyd’s comments were not taken out of context. they were made in the name of defending the position to buy tongue point. looking at floyd’s past connection with tongue point, maybe he has a dog in the hunt.

    i am glad floyd is there though. one thing i can’t take away from floyd is his focus and research abilities. even in context, i don’t believe for a minute he meant what he said about jobs over budget. he knows better. he’s a good republican :-). it just pisses me off he makes these comments to defend buying tongue point and is willing to risk the budget of the port to do it. EARTH TO FLOYD: DON’T BUY TONGUE POINT WITHOUT A BIRD IN HAND.

    And where the hell is SAF? I am in disbelief the paper can talk about what a dirty sob I am week after week and not even demand from the port they reveal what their financial plan is for TP. “It’s a secret” doesn’t cut it. I know, now I’m the pot calling the kettle black. Even with the vote on LNG we revealed what our plan was BEFORE WE VOTED. I still regret not making the whole process more public. I served with many good public minded port commissioners that I should have known better. i can see june shaking her finger at me.

    the price is too high. secrets are hard to keep in this town. the port has ample industrial space now. free and clear. i suspect within the next two years, they will once again have the skipanon peninsula available for lease. LNG will be proven to be economically not viable.

    i wish the port could have pulled off the tongue point buy back then (i can’t remember which year it was). back then, the price was right and we had a bird in hand. unfortunately the washington group was a bigger player and impressed the group who made the decision.

    oregon is a tough sell with enterprise zones. do you honestly believe industry is going to come knocking anytime soon? your group of anti lng’ers is more than enough proof industry is not welcome here. what if Wauna 2 came knocking?

    if it were me, and i was in your position, i would give up on industry and focus on retail, tourism, and the fishing and logging industry. can you in good faith help bolster the fishing and logging industry?

    “now i’m the one on the outside looking in.”

    we should have lunch some day peter. i’m curious about your new group. i don’t make it to astoria much anymore but it would be fun to catch up.

    take care and merry Christmas.

  3. We should have lunch. I owe you one.

    Tongue Point at the right price is more a risk than a gamble. But the seller may have an inflated idea about the value, especially for these times. It has potential beyond what has been realized, but there is no reason why the Port should pay more than a private party. That said I’m still in favor of a prudent risk.

    CRBA is primarily talking small business, existing and potential. We support sustainable fishing and logging, especially companies that tend to keep profits, jobs and investments local. I strongly believe that bolstering fishing and logging, recreation, tourism, retail, historical restoration and light industry is our foundation for a good economic base.

    Bringing more business here by choice of quality of life is another key. You helped by promoting high speed reliable internet access!

    There are also going to be “green collar” jobs looking for homes as this new Congress and Administration get it together. Okay, I’m hopeful if not optimistic. Let’s see what is possible. Have you read Van Jones?

  4. I haven’t read Van Jones. I’ll have to. I’m studying now to become LEED accredited. My own industry is rapidly changing and I’m still too young to not change with it!

    I’ll holler at you for lunch after the first of the year sometime.

  5. The problem with relying on recreation, tourism … what’s really the difference between the two … and retail is that they all depend on how the public PERCEIVES the economy. I emphasis “perceives” because it doesn’t matter what the economy is doing, so much as what the consumer thinks it’s doing TO HIM/HER.

    As to “green industries” … I think it would behoove the community to get behind bringing recycling industries here. I believe that we are going to see a growth in government-mandated recycling programs in the near future.

  6. guest: thank you! as the port commission election looms closer, i have a feeling so will my port political commentary. keep checking back.

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