Freeware Update

In my pursuit to rid my machine of the dreaded evil empire, I have recently been trying out some new open source software that is free:

Gom Player – I have used Windows Media Player for many years now and I ran into some roadblocks while trying to play different file formats. Since I was unable to make the codecs work for these particular files, I downloaded Gom Player which will view any type of video file that I have come across.

Foobar 2000 – Since I roundfiled Windows Media Player, I no longer had a good audio player. Foobar 2000 is awesome and doesn’t take near the system resources that WMP took.

Adolix Split and Merge PDF – After several discussions with my favorite tech guru – Bill Mullins, I decided there must be a more secure and system resource friendly PDF software. I landed on a few of them and Adolix is the answer to splitting and merging pdf files.

PDF Creator – PDF Creator is a tool to print to PDF which I certainly do a lot of. It sets up as a printer which for example will print a word document to a PDF file.

Foxit Reader – To top off the complete PDF package, you need to be able to view the PDF. Foxit Reader does just that. If you are used to Adobe Reader, this is the system resource friendly version. Highly Recommend to replace Adobe Reader with this excellent open source freeware.


12 thoughts on “Freeware Update

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  2. wmp is limited for watching / listening to different formats.

    i still have wmp loaded but only use it for the websites that DEMAND you use wmp.

  3. I got Gomplayer and I think I like it. It loads faster and seems to run everything I need it to. I had just gone to and gotten the k-lite mega codec pack for wmv two weeks ago. Now I don’t need it after all. Oh well! Thanks again!

  4. make sure to remove k-lite BEFORE installing Gom. If you don’t you might have problems with the codec’s that come with Gom.

    I suggest using Revo to remove the k-lite pack.

  5. Whups. Not having any trouble so far. But I did have a few files Gom wouldn’t run. But wmv still does. Maybe I’ll back up and start over again.

  6. gom will play everything wmp will play (and more).

    make sure to go into the gom preferences and check off all of the file extensions you want gom to play (make it your default video player so to speak)

    i ran into the same problem (sorry i didn’t mention it sooner) with the uninstalling the codec’s prior to loading gom.

  7. GOM Player is a fantastic piece of free software. It beats WMP hands down.

    Thanks for this Glenn.


  8. emphasis.

    i’m of the younger generation that calls people “dude”

    from now on, you will be known as – dude (no quotations)

    btw, i downloaded Lyx. I haven’t installed it yet due to time constraints of installing a new wood floor in my daughters room. we’re talking major swmbo points. i am anxious to try it out though. i also just downloaded futuriximager to try out. haven’t yet got to that either.

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