The Boring Leading The Bored

I admit, sometimes I like to sit back and surf the web. Sometimes I get bored and don’t have anywhere to surf to.

While I was surfing my daily web reads, I came across one of my favorite stops – Shell Extension City.

Dudes and Dudettes, if you are bored, you need to steer on over the the Shell and check out his top 25 coolest ever websites and things to do and download. As of this posting, Shell is only down to the number 13 on the way to #1 so you will have to check back to get the last 12 websites.

Take a tour on the human body link. Very cool.


7 thoughts on “The Boring Leading The Bored

  1. guy: i’m not a big fan of white on black either. it wigs my eyeballs out!
    and i hope you get your pen back.

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