I Quit

I’ve been dreading today. Unfortunately, I timed it perfectly with my last pack of smokes to run out today. The next few weeks will find me easily annoyed and irritable. Subcontractors beware. I will not be in a good mood. The little things I usually take in stride will all now be major issues that will cause me to raise my voice.

Two weeks. I’ve quit before and it’s always two weeks. That’s the hump. Two weeks. After that, my body starts to accept the fact that nicotine is no longer necessary. The edginess that has plagued me subsides, life becomes normal again.

I’m looking forward to getting my lungs back in order. I’ve been on again for nearly two years. I’m really looking forward to quitting this time. I want to start windsurfing again. It’s been over 10 years. I miss it. I haven’t been in good shape for over 10 years. I want to revisit that again. I miss not having the lungs to be extreme.

This marks the first “new years” resolution I’ve made. Ever.

I wonder how long it will take my wife and kids to figure out I quit!

You heard it here.


9 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. I quit February, 2003 and have not smoked….a cigarette… since but, to be perfectly honest, I could smoke one right now and enjoy the hell out of it but, for some reason I have developed a trigger that within seconds makes that thought simply ebb out of existence.

    I don’t even have a secret quitting method, I just quit and the best of luck to you on your journey with that beast.

    Maybe I had just had enough, maybe that is the controlling factor, just having had enough.

  2. I too am a quitter. Quit 11 years ago after smoking from age 13.

    Good luck to you, my friend. And congratulations for making the decision!

  3. Ooooh snap! Glad I don’t work for you right now. I’d be unemplyed in a day.

    Stay strong, man.

    I’m just gonna stay out of range.

  4. My doctor used to attribute everything that was wrong with me to smoking. I could go in with the stomach flu or a piece of rebar sticking through my brain and he’d say “You need to quit smoking and this stuff won’t happen!”

    I changed doctors.

  5. Good luck, it has been 3 1/2 years for me. Don’t want to even quit again, so I guess I’ll never start again.

  6. bald4: glad to see you quit sniffing glue. heh heh.

    since i quit smoking, i have become manic and have developed turrets syndrome.

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