William Never Calls Me

I’ve gotten so old all of a sudden. When I was much younger, way back in the day, I used to write a lot. I have volumes of mostly rhyme and blank verse. Greatly inspired by the likes of Oscar Wilde, James Thurber, William Yeats.

Yet I always had a tune in my head.

Every once in awhile, and for no apparent reason, I will get inspired to write something. Since I have a blog now, I have somewhere to write it down. It’s been a few years since I’ve written (other than a few odds and ends). Hey Matt, maybe you can put a guitar chord together for it.

This one is called:

William Never Calls Me

You called me on my wireless
I didn’t pick up
I hope you enjoy your life
I hope you enjoy today
Do you wonder how I’m doing
The wheels are still turning

I made my case
I looked back
The reasons are no clearer
The crowd you’re in with
Like to stand on main street
And talk about the promised land
Always consistantly inconsistant
As I leave this star crossed world behind

We used to shine
At least in my mind
I’ve since been crowned
And turning wasted spaces
Into someone elses fortune
So much for devotion


So now go justify your claim
Get your piece of the pie
After all you’ve been through
Trekking from East to West
Sensative to your peers
You know they control you

And they always will


10 thoughts on “William Never Calls Me

  1. Or maybe John Prine. That homespun “just folks” thing he does.

    With bacon, of course. Art without bacon is just playing with crayons.

  2. I think Guy would punch us all in the head for suggesting it. Maybe Auntie should go from Omerde.blogspot to ObaconIlovethee.blogspot!

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