Solar Sunday

All I can say is WOW!  The wall of solar.  Very architectural.

I am encouraged by this invention.  Just like turning straw into gold.

I really like this one.  Being someone who drives MOSTLY, and a lot of time driving at night, those rainy dark mornings and nights would be much less dangerous with this idea.

A little closer to home is the solar car which recently made an appearance in close by Longview Washington.

Move over Larry Flynt, Big 3 Auto Co’s, and of course the banks.  With O soon to take the helm of the worlds strongest nation, his ambitious pursuit of renewable energy already needs a bailout.  As energy has taken a hit financially, renewable energy has also taken a hit.


6 thoughts on “Solar Sunday

  1. Uncle B and I recently went on a wine tasting adventure and visited a winery called Left Coast Cellars (great pinot gris but that was it.) The really cool thing was that the whole place was powered by solar. And the panels were in the middle of the grapes in a very beautiful setting.

  2. auntie: you didn’t happen to take a picture did you? that would be an excellent pic. as solar panel prices continue to go down, i’m anxious to see what the future brings.

  3. Very cool. What we need is more basement Edisons making breakthroughs. If we leave it up to the big corps, we won’t be able to afford alternate energy for years and years. All we need is a few more small refinements in energy storage and we’ll have it almost completely licked.

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