Tooting One’s Horn

You never know where blogging is going to take you.  One of my favorite daily read websites – Bill Mullins Tech Blog, asked me to start providing guest articles on his website!

To say the least, I’m thrilled with this opportunity!

For those who haven’t yet visited Bill’s site, you are risking the security of your computing environment by not doing so. Not only does Bill host a tech site, but also consults for people on securing their computer networks.

We are truly fortunate to have someone like Bill to share his vast knowledge on computer security to regular folks like you and I. The protections he offers are tried and tested and I personally have no less than five security programs loaded on my own machine.

Thanks again Bill for the opportunity and I’m excited to start providing my own take on tech.


5 thoughts on “Tooting One’s Horn

  1. Enough!


    Turn that damned horn tooting off wouldja?

    Just kidding.

    Really congratulations again and am looking forward to reading your stuff so keep me informed

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