50 Greatest Guitar Solos

rockerGuitar World has finally released this years 50 Greatest Guitar Solos.

Without being the spoiler for #1, most of us yearn to go. And there is no easy way to get there. Because you know sometimes words have two meanings.


14 thoughts on “50 Greatest Guitar Solos

  1. I quit reading when I realized that fucknut Ted Nugent had a better rating for some shitbag song than Eric Clapton got for his contribution to While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Somebody running that poll dont have his mind right

  2. there are two things we never do here at the crazy world:

    1. dis the nuge
    2. mention the oregon ducks

    i am of the opinion the nuge should have been at the number two position with stranglehold and #4 gilmour should have been #1 with comfortably numb.

    GO BEAVS!!

    i do seriously appreciate your comment though!

  3. You’ve got a tiger by the tail on this one.

    50 people will give you 2500 greatest solos.

    I would agree with about 30% but lord, htere are some damned great players out there.

    Hell, there are a few around here that can play astounding solos everytime they step to the front that would rival some of these legends.

  4. Well, my opinions on Stranglehold are well documented. A few comments:

    1. Santana’s Europa was way underrated – GREAT song.
    2. Malmsteen’s Dark Star way underrated – that guy’s a god.
    3. Smells Like Teen Spirit – are you F-ing kidding me?
    4. “One” is number 7? Puhleez. Shouldn’t even be on the list.
    5. Comfortably numb should be #2, with Eruption #1 because it launched a zillion guitar players.

  5. We can disagree about the order and what’s not included, but it sure is a trip to recall this great music. The stories and quotes are fun. Thanks for the kicks, g.

  6. I can agree with some if not all of the list. It’s a good list. I got hold of some guys 100 greatest guitar solos list and most of it was crap. I don’t consider a 2 or 3 second riff as a solo even if it is fairly cool. But there needed to be some Zappa on there.

  7. patrick: that says something for inspiration doesn’t it!

    matt: teen spirit was a launcher of a new sound called “grunge” definitely a top ten candidate imho.

    peter: glad you liked it. i’ve loved the guitar since i was a little fellow and agree wholeheartedly that the list is well put together and is a great read.

    guy: zappa is more on the fringe of this type of list. i think the list has more to do with mainstream than it does greatness. i’m with you, zappa definitely has a place in rock greatness. hendrix will ALWAYS make the list.

    darev: you can’t please all the people all the time. overall i thought it was a good list and an excellent read. i learned a thing or two.

  8. LOL. Yep, when it comes to these lists, like Peter said it’s good to reminisce on these things though we’ll never agree. Still, an interesting list – thanks g.

  9. Speaking of Jimi, I learned to paint from a guy in Washington who was a jazz trumpet player. D.K. Watson. He used to jam with Jimi when he was still playing jazz in the local clubs. “He was a pretty good guitar player” D.K. would say “before he discovered acid and amplification.” I thought that was hilarious.

  10. I’m just dying to weigh in on that “Consecrated Nun” thing on Freel’s site but my conscience won’t let me.

    Use to be a point of much levity amongst us “Parrish Puppies” way back when.

    Now just isn’t appropirate though….Darnit!

  11. every media’s favorite beating post – all things catholic.

    weighing in on someone’s religion is never a battle that can be won.

    i’ve now been filled in with both sides of the story. safe to say that tom’s blog only represents one side.

    also safe to say that this isn’t the huge deal the media is making it out to be.

    alas, “hope for the saints who are quick to judge me”

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