Tab Watch

Over at one of my favorite daily blogs – Astoria Rust – The Guy Who Write’s This has stumbled on what I can only characterize as one of the most important discoveries ever.

You use handi wrap, aluminum foil (fka tinfoil), wax paper, etc don’t you? Yeah, me too. How many of you have tried to cut the piece only to have the whole roll come shooting out of the box and cause you to be pissed?

What you may not have known about these food savers is they come with punchable tabs on the ends to hold the roll in place so it doesn’t come out when you are trying to cut your piece to length.

Check you cupboard or drawer where you store these handy savers. Go ahead, check it out for yourself.

I’m not sure how long these boxes have been showing up in my house with the tab solution. I’m sure it’s been years. Years of knowledge that were not made public by the very companies we support year after year.

You can all now thank “Guy” for bringing this knowledge to the forefront of our knowledge base.

Thank you Guy. The world thanks you.



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