Great Plasma Deal

Great news today on plasma tv’s. The largest plasma EVER is the Panasonic 103 incher.

The bad news is two fold for me. The price has been cut to a now affordable $42,996 (you read that right). What sucks about this price cut from it’s previous $69,999 price tag is it’s a display model. Yeah friends, a freakin display model. I would have expected at least a 50% price cut so based on this information, it’s a deal killer for me.

The other part of the bad news is I don’t have a wall wide enough to proudly display it.


4 thoughts on “Great Plasma Deal

  1. So when you get yours will you go ahead and pick up two so I can have one? I’m a little short on cash this lifetime. I’ll get you back in the next one.

  2. nah, like i said, if it wasn’t a display model…

    besides that, it’s a novelty. next year it will prolly be down to $30k. much more reasonable.

  3. Heck, when they get that cheap, I’ll install one in each bathroom. A real sweetheart of a deal!

    Say, can I borrow your credit card? Mines a little flat.

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