Elect Larry Pfund

I have to thank a reader for sending me tonight’s daily a article regarding the port (I no longer take the paper).

I won’t go into the guts of what led to this fine. It’s fairly complicated and the fine is based on things that I don’t clearly understand. My honest opinion is the port was made an example of. The biggest mistake the port made was hiring a lawyer to defend our position. Big NO-NO. You see, what you are supposed to do is what everyone else in our wonderful state does – hang your head down and say your sorry. You would be amazed at the water quality violations on our majestic Columbia River. They all just seem to go away. No one likes trouble.

But back to my point. Elect Larry Pfund. You might ask why? He’s finally learning how to be a spineless politician. He can now join the ranks of his fellow commissioner Floyd Holcom (who I believe was born to be a politician). These guys are never at fault and when there is blame, the fingers go a pointin’.

“It wasn’t so much what happened as how the Port responded that got the feds involved and caused the Port so much grief and hardship,” said Pfund, who was a commissioner in 2005 and says he was tricked into supporting the illegal activity.”

“Tricked”. I get a chuckle reading this. I served on the port commission with Larry for about 6 years or so. He would probably like to forget that I was the one that came up with the silver bullet (so to speak) that got him re-elected in a very close campaign. His gratitude was a knife I’m still trying to pull out of my back. I can assure you Larry wasn’t “tricked” into anything. Illegal activity included. None of us were. None of us were because none of us knew what happened until after it happened. I’m not sure Larry even knew we were dredging at the time. I wonder if Larry even knows why the fine was levied.

My favorite quote was from commissioner Bill Hunsinger.

“it is an absolute tragedy that voters and taxpayers should be held responsible for what went on here”.

Now that’s a great feel good response that should be in the arsenal of every politician! Glad to see you are voting your conscience Bill. The taxpayers appreciate that you care. And why should you vote yes. You inherited this fine. You shouldn’t be responsible.

Then we have good ol’ Floyd. “it was the bad apples”. Nobody likes a bad apple. Much less several of them. Last time I checked though, there are no commissioners that have been accused of any crime or wrong doing (except by Floyd). And for us victims – the public? I hope the $27 I pay in taxes to the port helps. If not, check the general fund in the budget. You have already allocated the money. Betchya didn’t think I was paying attention didjya?

Yes friends, Elect Larry Pfund. He’s the perfect storm of politicians.


6 thoughts on “Elect Larry Pfund

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  2. oregon guy: he did a lot better after he got glasses.

    but i think you nailed the media correlation.

  3. So he publicly admitted he was a clueless idiot and expects that to be okay?
    Vote for me, I’m a dumbass!

    Ya know, that just might work……

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