Make Mine Dark Roast

I’m not a big fan of corn ethanol for fuel. Using our food supply for fuel just doesn’t make sense to me.

Enter coffee. According to an article from The Economist, some scientific dudes from the University of Las Vegas have found a way to turn leftover coffee grounds into biofuel.

If you like the smell of coffee, you’re gonna like this.


6 thoughts on “Make Mine Dark Roast

  1. G,

    I wonder if decaf will work? Also heard that Starbuck’s grounds is like premium octane…

    Great post… Keep ’em coming!


  2. rick: starbuck’s should be making it’s move toward sponsorship right now!

    matt: yes. but please leave your grounds.

    guy: ethanol has a hugely powerful lobby. read the latest article about ethanol over at the green energy blog

    darev: you and me both!

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