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After two long years, the wait is nearly over. What used to be called Grand Central, which was bought by Google about two years ago, is now called Google Voice.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get signed up in time so I’m still on the list and not the active list so I don’t get to try it out just yet.

I have been looking forward to it for some time and can’t wait until it’s available. If any of you are on the list, please report in after you have had a chance to check it out.


7 thoughts on “Google Voice

  1. We have vonnage. It sends the voice mail messages to whatever email address we assign it to. That’s nice because we can delete it off the system but always have a copy of it. I have messages from 2006 I can refer back to. For a couple bucks more they will also provide a transcript of the voice message and I think the system is supposed to text your cell, too, if you pay for that (or maybe just set it up for it?).

    How much is Google Voice going to be offered for, do you know?

  2. I’ll just wait on that one, I think. In the year I have had my new phone, I think I have had six calls, and three of them were wrong numbers.

  3. cb: free!

    sidu: thanks for the link. those flaws are pretty minimal imho.

    darev: i yack on the phone a lot. i love the prospect of what google voice offers. in the “very cool” dept!

  4. Hey Glenn,

    Thanks for the update. Personally, I can hardly wait for this.

    Free, is always a good price.


  5. bill: looks like a matter of weeks! i answer to 4 different phone numbers – 2 cell, home, and work. google voice was made for folks like me!

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