On A Journey

Unfortunately for me, I will be blogging less in the following months.

When I wished I was the busiest construction project manager in the northern hemisphere, I was unaware that the wish would come true.

Today I concede that I’m too busy. I’m not complaining, I’ve just never been this busy before. In the past month, I’ve bid on and was successful at getting two new projects.

The first, that is now under way, is a $3m LEED Silver 15,000 square foot fire station.

The second (which broke ground yesterday) is a $3m, 20,000 square foot 8 screen cinema. This is my 3rd cinema underway or completed in a year. I enjoy building cinemas!

I will spend the next month getting these projects off the ground which means a lot of meetings, paperwork and more meetings! Starting two projects of this size at the same time is a daunting task. So far, I’m keeping up with it. I have a great assistant whom I couldn’t do this without.

Please check in from time to time as I hope to blog on the weekends when I can.


9 thoughts on “On A Journey

  1. G,

    Good luck on those projects… I hope these projects are signs of an improving economy.


  2. Wow. Good luck with that, g! We have faith in you. I’d love to go into a building you made some day and say proudly “My pal g made this!”

  3. See?! You should have remembered Asop’s Fables and the Arabian Nights stories.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  4. appreciate the well wishes. i usually space my jobs out so i don’t get bombed at once. when it rains it pours! aw well, i live in o-ree-gone so i’m used to it.

    darev, i don’t think you are far from a dam i built back in the 80’s – McGee Creek Dam near Atoka Oklahoma. Dad was in charge but i worked with the carpenters crew doing the concrete tunnels when i was 15.

  5. matt: no. i need a clone of me! btw, rick is doing a superb job (he’s running one of the jobs i listed).

  6. Great to hear. i hear you about cloning yourself. i could use another of me as well, because then i could count on at least one more person to break the stranglehold.

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