I Can’t HEAR You.

This weekend found me working on two clients laptops.  The first had a problem that happens frequently to those who want to add popular video/audio programs to their computer.

What happens is if you already have a program that you have been using, say, Windows Media Player for instance, and you decide to then add, say, Media Player Classic along with K-lite codec pack, and then maybe later you decide, hmmm, I think I’ll add Foobar and Gom players.

You head out on the road with your kids with your laptop. The idea is the kids will be too busy watching movies to distract you while you are driving. But no. The DVD plays but you can’t hear the sound.

What just happened? In laymans terms, you are having a serious case of codec conflict. Codec’s are the various .dll files that your audio/video programs need to decode the binary into a language that your player can understand, thus producing picture and sound.

In the case of laptop #1, it had a case of too many audio/video programs loaded and had a severe case of codec conflict.

The cure was to remove all of the 3rd party programs (which also removed the program’s codec’s) and installed an all in one program (in this case VLC media player) which had bundled with it it’s own codec’s.

When I am visiting various audio/video tech sites, it is a common occurrence to see posts requesting help because they can’t hear or see their audio/video. If you come across this post, removing programs and installing a bundled package 3rd party program may be your best bet. In my own testing, I have found that K-Lite codec pack also causes codec conflict so I don’t recommend using it.

Free 3rd party programs that work for me:

Gom Video Player
Foobar Audio Player
VLC Video and Audio Player


17 thoughts on “I Can’t HEAR You.

  1. G,

    VLC is my player of choice… Low on system resources and will play just about anything you throw at it… Less is better on PC’s, when it comes to media players, in my experience. Find one and stick with it…

    Great post!


  2. i tried VLC on my own machine about 6 months ago but it wouldn’t work right. thinking back, it probably didn’t work because of a codec conflict! i’m thinking about reloading it again. i loaded it on two laptops this weekend so i got a chance to fiddle around with it. i like it!

  3. I remember messing with Codecs and WOW what a mess I created… I learned very quickly! Course I learned most of what “little” I do know by creating disasters… (LOL)

  4. back in the early window days, i can remember playing around in the system registry, messing up my computer, and spending hours with msft support getting me back to square one.

  5. Someone else told me to get K-lite because I was having some problems. Then somebody (I think it was you) recommended GOM Player. I was still having problems, but once I uninstalled K-lite and reinstalled Gom, I was fine. I really dig Gom. It works out just fine for me. I’m sure glad I know so many techno-geeks.

  6. darev: glad you like the gom! if you get bored and want to try another program, use revo uninstaller to remove gom and any other video/audio programs, then install VLC. i had a chance to play around with it and it really is a nice program. the nice thing about it is it plays all your audio and video (dvd included) in one program. it’s pretty light on system resources too.

  7. Ah cool. I’ll have to give that a try. Note to self: don’t install any of that on the wifes puter. She hates new programs that she hasn’t picked herself. I get cussed at for Gom player on a daily basis. I’m bad.

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  9. I’ve tried numerous media players, but I always come back to KMPlayer (another all-in-one player), just because it uses only the necessary resources to finish the task. I used to use VLC or MPC, but I just never liked their skins or memory usage.

    For some odd reason, VLC tends to like hogging resources on my computer, which is probably why I went to KMPlayer.

  10. sunfizz: thanks for the input. i haven’t heard of KMP and will definitely give a test drive.

  11. A neat utility I added years ago is called “GSpot.” On an audio file it lets me see that it’s MPEG-1 Layer 3 at 192 kbps at 44100 Hz.

    It can also tell me what codecs the file is looking for and will allow me to render the file.

    I can also launch the file from within the utility.

  12. OMG

    G is infected!

    see paragraph 2:

    “What happens is…”

    I just got through talking about this with a coworker of mine. We noticed that another coworker of ours starts off every technical discussion with “What happens is..”

    Well we just thought he was a little retarded and smirked at each other whenever IT happened. But then a weird thing started- we noticed other people doing this and then it STARTED to seem like everywhere, even with people who didnt know the other people who did this EVERYONE was starting off explanatory sentences What Happens Is..

    Now g. Its sad. Now I know how the natives felt about smallpox I guess.

  13. gravityJ: i know what yer sayin’. usually my sentences start out with “hold my beer, now this ain’t no shit”

    “what happens is” might be a prerequisite to monitoring Brazilian networks. i think that’s where i might have heard that.

    smallpox and especially leprosy. maybe i’ll move to Molokai.

    more important, let’s make sure we get our beav tickets in july. we can settle this over pregame cheeseburgers.

  14. Yes, tickets first then burgers then game. Technical shit by the wayside

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