What’s Up?

Sorry for being absent. In an early post, I spoke of being on a journey. I promise I’ve been a busy boy. You could say I’ve hit my stride and am moving along at a fairly rapid pace. This is good. My episode with vertigo is slowly vanishing and that is a good thing.

About a year and a half ago, I mutually parted ways with my previous employer. Perhaps a difference in philosophy, maybe for other reasons. Regardless, we parted on good terms. When one door closes, it is inevitable another will open up.

And open it has. After taking a few months off, well, actually I didn’t really quit working – just on some different projects that didn’t pay well, I applied to a help wanted ad in the Portland metro area. I interviewed with the owner of the construction company and two weeks later was offered a job.

Honestly, I applied for the job half heartedly not expecting to get the job. One of those “ah what the heck, lets see what happens” kind of attempts.

You see, I’d never really worked in the big city before. The market was different, the subcontractors were new to me, I really was not connected. In my business, relationships are everything and not being connected is a major disadvantage coming into a new market!

This didn’t really seem to bother my boss much. I have a pretty strong job background. I owe most of this experience to my dad. Dad is a pretty busy guy who thought it was important to bring me up and into this industry with incredible patience. He never forced me into a position that I wasn’t ready for. Thanks dad!

Keeping one’s boss happy in this current construction climate is a real challenge. If your in my industry and your boss is happy, you must be busy! And busy I am. In the past year, I’ve managed to start 3 multimillion dollar projects. Two cinemas and a fire station (which when completed will be my first LEED silver project).

Canby Cinema Pic
Newport Cinema Pic
Vancouver Fire Station Pic

The next few weeks will find me bidding on a million dollar project and a 3 million dollar project. I’m pretty excited about bidding again and hope to bring home the gold.

Some blog posts I hope to get out soon include my recent experience building a new computer and loading Windows 7, partitioning and repartitioning a hard drive (a huge thanks to Tech Paul for helping me along the way), and a couple of hardware reviews.

So please don’t abandon me. I’m still right here. Anxious to share my crazy world!!


7 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. matt: there is one stud that is crooked. don’t tell dave.

    techpaul: lookin’ forward to it!

  2. Finally! I was beginning to think you had bailed on us and you were just being content with drive-by commenting. I’m glad you are busy. You seem like the kind of guy that is happiest when he is busiest. Post when you can, g-man. We’ll still be here waiting…

  3. G,

    I check you blog everyday… You have alot to offer and I hope you keep posting…

    That pic you have… Is that what vertigo does to you?

    Glad you are feeling much better…

    Virtual friend… Rick

  4. The way I see it in today’s climate, anybody working in the construction industry is well ahead of the curve and good luck Glenn.

    Maybe someday, my phone will start ringing again.

  5. rick: i get a lot of comments on my picture taking (or lackthereof!)

    patrick: the company i work for has positioned themselves well. i just add to the mix. we are a very diverse group. i hope things turn around in the residential market. i know you have positioned yourself in that industry as have a lot of friends of mine. hang in there!

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