Building The Perfect Beast

Several months ago I set out to build a new computer. I have built many things in my life – homes, buildings, swimming pools, decks, motorcycles, cars. On my grave will simply read “builder”.

So why not build a computer I sez to myself. I never have. First time. I did get some pricing from a few people I trust to do this kind of work. One guy would charge $75 and the other $100. Seems pretty reasonable considering it would probably take a couple of hours of time.

It wasn’t really about the money though. It was about the challenge. The challenge of making it to the BIOS to make sure everything checked out.

I bought all of the components of the computer from Newegg who ships stuff REALLY fast and has a pretty decent reputation for making things right in case of things that show up broken.

I’m not going to go into how I built the computer. There are plenty of sites that do a great job of guiding you through everything (pictures included).

If you do set out to build your own, make sure to bring your patience card. My motherboard showed up defective in that it did not show one of the ram slots. Bummer. I had to send it back to the manufacturer which cost me about 10 days. Once it did show up again, things went together without a hitch. Several people have asked me how long it took to build it. It took about an hour to assemble everything and about a half hour to do cord/wire management. My case has a clear side so you can see right into the case (everything inside is visible). Wire management for this kind of exposure is mandatory unless you pride yourself on being messy.

All in all, building a computer is a challenge and you do have to do some research before you build but what a great feeling knowing when you turn it on, you are the one that made it happen. This is a fun project and I recommend you try it sometime. You won’t really save any money by doing it yourself but you will have pride of doing it.

My system build consists of the following:
Case – NZXT Tempest
CPU – Core i7 920
GPU – Saphire Raedon 4870
Ram – OCZ Gold DDR3 6mb (3x2mb)
PSU – Corsair 750 watt
Primary Hard Drive – Western Digital 640gb
Secondary Hard Drive – Western Digital 1tb
DVD Burner – LG
Monitor – Samsung 2343 BWX
Keyboard – Logitech G11
Mouse – Microsoft 8000
OS – Windows 7


7 thoughts on “Building The Perfect Beast

  1. Excellent. I don’t have any tech savvy, but I do love puters that work fast and well. I have a few buddies at work who are techno geeks and are always offering to build me a new system. One is a realist and would build me a system for gaming and net surfing with speed and storage space for a few grand. The other is a nut who would try to build me a liquid helium cooled Cray mainframe that would immediately be seized by the NSA under the Patriot Act. And, of course, it would cost me millions. I think, when I scrape the dough together, that I will go with the first option. The second will have to wait until I realize my dream to become a super villain and build my hidden lair to install it in. That’s still a few years off.

  2. G,

    I have been involved with computers for years; even managed a computer network at a Government agency; BUT, I have never built my own PC… I envy you for taking the step to do this. I like the component choices you made to put “The Perfect Beast” together…

    Great Job!


  3. Congrats g,

    Hard to beat the sense of accomplishment one can achieve from building a magic box.

    Well done.


  4. thanks guys! i was going to do a play by play post of the build but the website i highlighted is the play by play i followed. tech paul was a big help as well.

  5. G,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I would like to point out this article to my readers, if that’s alright with you?
    I think there are many who are playing with the idea of building their own…

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