Disable Avira Notifier in Windows 7

Having recently switched operating systems to Windows 7, I also decided to load Avira Antivirus as my main antivirus program.

As you may recall in an earlier post, I explained how to disable the annoying Avira splash screen (notifier) on an XP operating system.

After a little exploration and trial and error, I have figured out how to disable the notifier splash screen in Windows 7.

To get started, find the folder where Avira is stored (in mine it’s in Program Files x86) I have a 64bit OS.
Open the folder.
In this folder, you should have another folder called Antivir Desktop (open it).
Scroll down to Avnotify.exe and right click.
Click on Properties.
Click on the Security tab.
Click on Edit.
Make sure “System” is highlighted.
Check the “Read and Execute” and “Read” box in the Deny column.
Click Apply.

That should do the trick for you.


31 thoughts on “Disable Avira Notifier in Windows 7

  1. thanks darev! you-da-man!!

    Arafat: Avira Rocks! works great on win7. i also installed it on my mother ‘n law’s vista laptop and it works great there too. 32bit or 64bit. if you want to get rid of Avast and move to Avira, make sure to use revo uninstaller to remove Avast before installing Avira. Thanks for visiting and come back anytime!!

  2. Good one G. I’m pretty sure this is how I did it on my Vista machines as well.. but that was a while back, and my memory isn’t as trustworthy as it used to be (sigh).

  3. paul: i should have asked you first! i’ve been on this mission to disable the notifier for 3 weeks now.

  4. G,
    I am of two minds when it comes to the “purchase” splashscreen when it comes to Avira.. It is such a small price to pay for such a quality free product (as it is very easy to close).

    Avira is the only product I feel this way about though. I get nagged at, and advertised to, enough in this life that I don’t need it from my computer too!

  5. This trick works with Windows 2000 too. For XP, check out XP one because this Windows 7 one will only work on 7, Vista, and 2000.

  6. It is forums like these and people like you that keep people like me from going buggers trying to figure these things out. THANKS!!

  7. Hello! I did this too.. and as i checked the read and read and execute boxes.. a third box automatically checked too.. and now i cant acces the whole map anymore. So i cant even delete and reinstall the program. So yeah that sucks.

    Can anyone help?

    ps i have windows 7 ultimate and as far as i know i am the administrator..

  8. Sounds like you applied it on the Avira Desktop folder rather than the avnotify.exe file itself. Go back through the security options on the folder (as above) and uncheck these – that should sort it!

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  10. When I call up properties there is not a tab for security, only a general tab, with none of the selections listed above available – this is in avnotify.exe. Help and thanks – Mary

  11. I have done exactly the procedure described on XP Professional & Windows 7 Home edition using Avira product version 12.x but the notifier is still running from time to time.

  12. Hey P.Angelo….. I’ve done the same and yes the notifier still pops up (but not on initial login as normal). They must have changed the way it works….

    • Hey dude dude,
      It pops up after update of avira datfiles. You would expect after denying execute on system it to disappear all together. I also used secpol.msc to diable both he avnotify (.exe & .dll) but it didn’t really help.

  13. “juco on November 23, 2011 at 1:31 pm said:
    keep getting access denied”


    This did work previously. Don’t think they like people blocking it…?

  14. Doesn’t work in Win 7 x64 Home Prem. You’ll be denied access. What I did was opened up Avira and then opened up Quarantine. I added avnotify( both the executable and .dll ) files to the quarantine. Let’s see if this stops it. It would be funny if it works; using it’s own program to stop the nag screen. Or you could try to edit your daily update job to “invisible” state and see if that works. By monkeying around with the registry, there are 2 possible flaws; 1.) someone could screw up very easily with editing in the registry and create all kinds of problems, and, 2.) by changing the program itself, you are violating the EULA and could be held liable. Just a thought.

  15. Yup…. Avira have blocked the ability to edit the security policy on avnotify.exe Bugger. They want too much money for the full version I reckon… If they reduced the price perhaps more ppl would buy than currently do…. Looks like some smart person need to find a new work around…… hehehehe For me I will just put up with the nagware for the protection….. LOL

  16. Just reboot and tap F8 regularly to get to Windows’ Safe Mode, then repeat the Read & Execute denial process and it’ll work.

  17. I have read that disabling the nag screen will effect the ability to get information on deleted viruses. Is this true?

  18. This not true.
    There are several people having problems with the new version and not being able to block the nag screen with Win7.
    I moved to Microsoft Security Essentials (which is a free download from Microsoft) and have had excellent luck with it. You may want to follow suit. Avira is a great antivirus but I have found the nag screen to be a non acceptable component of it. This resulted in my move to MSE.

  19. Here’s one from: http://www.hacktrix.com/how-to-disable-the-avira-upgrade-notification

    1. Go to Start > Control Panel. Then go to on Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy.
    2. Select the Software Restriction Policy > Additional Rules in the left panel. Right click on it and click on New Path Rule. Now browse to the place where the Avira Antivirus is installed, and select the avnotify.exe file.
    3. Set it its security level to Disallowed (from the drop down list).
    I just tried it so I hope it helps.

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