Google Voice Tomorrow?

I’m not known in my circles as a rumor monger, so please take the rumor I am about to spread and don’t kill the messenger (me) if it doesn’t exactly pan out.

The fine people over at Boy Genius have picked up on a potential viable rumor that Google Voice is going to be released tomorrow (June 18th). Head on over the Boy and read the article that is inundated with rumor and innuendo.


9 thoughts on “Google Voice Tomorrow?

  1. OMG….. It’s bad enough listening to the wife typing and giggling with her cronies. If they get into this, my house will never be quiet again. If you tell her, I’ll murtelize yas!

  2. darev: you will have to murtelize me later. the rumor turned out to be just that. it got the attention of one of the developers though and it sounds like the release is imminent.

  3. They used to voice chat with yahoo now and then but it didn’t work very well. Too much talking over each other and feed back and such. Fortunately, they do most of their chatting early in the morning before i arise.

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  5. still alive. wife had surgery so i’ve been tending to her for the past week or so.

    finally got my invitation to google voice (yesterday). i’ll be reviewing asap!

  6. Oooh snap! Hope she’s doing okay. Nothing very serious, I trust? At any rate, give her a big wet one from me and tell I said get better soon!

  7. darev: thanks for the concern. she is doing fine (nothing serious) and will be coming home tomorrow.

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