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The wait is finally over.  At precisely 6:37 PST yesterday, I received my official invite to join Google Voice.

I first signed up for this service about 7 months ago. I have spent most of the this morning setting it up and running it through its paces.

If you are a Google fan (like yours truly), the setup procedure will be nothing new to you. It is as easy to set up as Gmail or any other of the fine Google products. It took me all of about 15 minutes to learn what needs to be done to make it work.

What is Google Voice? In a nutshell, it’s a switchboard that you can hook all of your phone lines up to. When you sign up for Gvoice, the first thing you will do is pick out a phone number based on whatever zipcode or area you live in. This is nice because in my area, it is long distance for my mother (who lives about 50 miles away) to call me. If I lived in town which is about 20 miles from my house, the call would be free. So I got a phone number that is from town. Now we can call each other for free.

Speaking of calling people for free, Gvoice can connect you for free to any number in the contiguous 48 states. How cool is that? How is it done? You bring up your Gvoice page and hit the call button. It then calls your landline and connects you to the number you are calling. Sweet!

And did I mention voicemail? You can record your own greeting, access it remotely, it even transcribes voice to text and emails it to you! You can save the voicemails (as if you would save a Gmail) as well and email the audio or text to the people you care about. In my numerous testings, I found the audio to text transcriptions to be either spot on or very close.

What’s not to like about Gvoice? The only thing I can think of is I wish I could call direct from my computer (like skype) and talk to people (bypassing the need for Gvoice to call your phone to connect you). Hopefully Gvoice will develop that in the future.

Gvoice is a great new service from Google and I highly recommend you get your name on the invite list. The procedure is simple. You must first have a Google account with Gmail. Then you wander over to the Google Voice page and submit your gmail address for consideration.

And best of all – It’s Free!!


6 thoughts on “Google Voice Today

  1. Hi G,

    This is Jag here. And I want to commend you on an excellent technical blog you maintain here.

    It’s too bad Google Voice isn’t available in the country I’m at (Singapore).

    By the way, I want to ask you if you are open to test-driving our WinAutomation software. It’s an advanced windows automation software that can help you automate your repetitive tasks.

    So that it helps you save time, money and effort.

    Microsoft, Adobe and Intel are among our user clients to name a few.

    I will like to extend a complimentary license to you. And perhaps a few to your readers as well.

    Will you be open? Let me know. Thanks G!


  2. Jag are you real?

    Not that you aren’t. But you may not be. The name Jag is so uncommon it almost seems a nom de guerre. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think Nom de guerre means pen name. Its french dont you know. Back before there was facebook. Back before there was an internet to put face book on there were real books with faces in them. My freshman year of college the school gave the incomings a book with names pictures hobbies and cool facts. Your name reminds me of a legendary character named Boon Tan who never showed up, never enrolled that anyone could find and who listed his hobbies as dry river fishing and spontaneous combustion.

  3. Hi CrazyWorldofJohn:

    I do understand where you are coming from.

    But I just look at myself in the mirror.
    And I’m happy to confirm with you
    I’m 99.56% real. Minimum.

    Well you can confirm tgat with G too. =)


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