Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon

Those who know me, know that I’m rarely serious in anything I say. If I could use one word to define the way I am, it would be the word “satire”.

That being said, back in the day when I frequented establishments whose sole purpose was to provide alcohol, my brother and I would sit in the middle of everyone and strike up a conversation about how great of an actor Kevin Bacon is and how we couldn’t understand why Kevin never received an obvious choice for an oscar nomination for his role in Footloose.

Many would look at us in sheer amazement and unable to believe what they were hearing. Others would join in with a few nods and would rattle off other notable Kevin Bacon movies they believed were also deserving of the coveted Oscar.

Well today is Mr. Footloose Kevin Bacon’s 51st birthday.

If you haven’t been in a film with Kevin, chances are someone you know or have met, has (or knows someone who has). Over at the Oracle of Bacon, you can type in someone famous you have met and find out what your Bacon number is. I have no Bacon number (I have never been in a film with or have met Kevin). The two famous people I have met are actor Greg Evigan and golfer Peter Jacobsen (who both have appeared with actors who have appeared with Bacon and both have a bacon number of 2.

So swing on over to the Oracle and see what your number is.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon

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  2. I have no bacon number either. At least you are not alone. And apparently everybody in the world except you and I were in Frost/Nixon. I wonder why we weren’t invited? I guess they were hoping we’d buy tickets.

  3. darev: there are those with bacon numbers and those without. we could start the oracle of g-darev!

  4. i am 3-degrees of Bacon. i met John Matuczack (ex-NFL player who was in town to film “Goonies) who has a Bacon number of 2.

    So, i got that going for me… which is nice.

  5. OG: I am home.

    Matt: You gotta appear in a film with the person to get your bacon number.

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