Last week, I set up a new user account on my computer for my oldest daughter who is almost 10. She has been after me to get her own user account for about a year or so. I told her if she could compute responsibly and not cause any significant registry damage, I would go along with her request. She has shown excellent computer resonsibility and so I followed through and set up her own user account.

Along with the user account she also wanted her own email address. I was somewhat indecisive if I should or not but ultimately set one up for her at Gmail.

Gmail is a real pain to set up if you don’t have another email address (non gmail). They wouldn’t let me use my pop3 email address because it was already being used for my wife’s gmail account.

So I’m thinking, wow. I need a disposable email address.

Enter FilzMail. After doing a little research on the web, I came across this simple web application that gives you a free email address that self destructs after 24 hours. Using it to set up my daughter’s email account worked fabulously.

In this world of spam, if you come across something that you don’t want to give your regular email address to, head on over to FilzMail and create a disposable email.


8 thoughts on “FilzMail

  1. I marking this one for later use! Damn, I wish they would have come up with this one sooner! Thank, big guy! You are the god of puter geekdom.

  2. darev: definitely not a god! those guys are over in the right hand list heh heh. a mother of necessity uh-huh!

    btw, i tried several other similar programs and this one worked best. are you using firefox yet? come to the darkside.

  3. Yup. I went to firefox on your suggestion several months ago. I tried Opera and hated it. Too technical for me. Diggin’ firefox, tho. OK, if you aren’t the god, you are a herald. Close enough.

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  5. yeah i have been on this idea for awhile. Gots to have a layered email approach. Nobody but verified good people get my gmail address. 9 year old Hotmail account is my spamcatcher for all matter of sign up things (poonslang at go ahead and spam microsoft that account is already poisoned. And nobody gets my work account for obvious reasons. For one thing personal emails from unknown addresses will likely never reach me and secondarily I hate mixing bidness with pleasure as they say. One thing I dont like about Gmail is that tends to be a resource hog browser lock up artist. Even firefox struggles with it sometimes.
    G: you tried chrome? I didnt like it. Couldnt figure it out.

  6. You prolly already know this; I’m a father fascist.

    Put a key-stroke program into her computer.

    Once the kidlins get their own machines, they will be told by “wiser” kidlins that they need to have privacy.

    Believe me, a keystroke program will make your life infinitely easier.

  7. crazyjohn: regarding gmail being a resource hog, i thought you were upgrading your 386?

    OG: one step ahead of you 😉

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