Welcome to Frickintardistan

I really don’t know where to start this rant. I guess I’ll just keep typing my thoughts and hopefully you readers can sort through it.

I was born and raised in what once was a great place to live known as Astoria Oregon. Yeah, it was a place of greatness. I was involved in the local politics trying to make a difference. Trying to bring industry and wealth to a town that was withering away due to its past ties to the fishing and logging industries. Unfortunately the same nut cases who are trying to sell us global warming had tried to make Astoria a ghost town by making salmon endangered and placing an owl with spots on the “not seen very often” page.

I’m not sure what global warming will send us. Listed salmon sent fishermen elsewhere and the owls with spots drove a nail into millions of acres of perfectly cuttable timber. And Astoria almost ceased to exist.

But we found our way. We worked hard and reinvented ourselves. We diversified.

In about 2005, we decided to welcome liquefied natural gas (LNG) into our county.

4 years later our local paper, editorial staff, and his not quite ready for primetime reporter have taken yet another opportunity to further demonize and denegrate that wonderful town (Astoria) that I was talking about earlier.

Quite honestly, I no longer have any use for Astoria or many of it’s people. In the near future I see Astoria politics being taken over by the global warming prophets. They believe fossil fuels are evil, big box is evil, and wiping your ass with toilet paper will net you 30 days. It’s coming. It’s just a matter of time.

My rant really starts now. I feel compelled to defend my friend Peter Gearin. If your sole source of news is in fact “the paper”, I can see your raised eyebrows. For those of you who don’t know Peter, he’s a good guy. His wife Susan is as honest as the day is long. So you can imagine my reaction when I read the article in “the paper” with quotes from our notable crime fighting D.A. Josh Marquis insinuating the Gearin’s could have been bribed by an LNG company. My reaction exactly was “WTF???”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “the paper”, I am now convinced it is aimed at the lowest common denominator. Those who are incapable or unwilling to believe anything else.

Why is bribery so unbelievable with the Gearin’s? Well, #1, they are not exactly what I would call people in need of money. The purported bribe was $40k and change. Here’s the story. It’s a short story, I promise. The LNG company only wants to pay $38k per year lease so they bribe the Gearin’s with $40k so Peter (who was port director at the time) will take this deal to the port commission (I was one of 5 on the commission at the time). Keep in mind the ultimate project will cost about a billion. So let me ask you. Is it believable the LNG company would risk a bribe on a project of this size?

Well, our Oregon attorney general thinks so. So does our notable crime fighting D.A. Our “the paper” wants to believe it. And worse, they WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IT. I think this is the kookiest newspaper article I’ve read in quite some time. It blows my mind as to why the Oregon AG and our notable crime fighting D.A. are involving themselves to the extent they are. Rumor has it Kroger wants to run for Gov and our notable crime fighting D.A. wants a spot next to him.

Now the really super unbelievable part – This whole “investigation” was done knowing full well the statute of limitations have run out. WTF??? Our Oregon AG and notable crime fighting D.A. are investigating WHY??? Are you people professional money wasters or do you believe everything Floyd Holcom says?

It is unfortunate what wasn’t reported in “the paper”, the Oregon AG, and our notable crime fighting D.A. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing by the Gearins. What is unfortunate is “the paper”, the Oregon AG, and our notable crime fighting D.A. can invent news and cast suspicion without recourse. Shame on all of you, burn in hell, etc.

For those of you who lust for “the paper’s” words – Welcome to Frickintardistan.


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  1. is it a complete fabrication? What was the genesis of the story? There must have been something to this? Somebody leaked something to the DA otherwise they wouldnt have been interested?

    It seems like there is a lot to this that is not being revealed. Gotta love a mystery.

  2. Never underestimate the power of an unrequited media whore. If this doesn’t work they may send their own children up in a home made balloon next.

  3. Good rant Glenn but, get the file. as a matter of fact see if you can get it to download. Couple of those files make my computer go freakin wacko.

    Hansen’s interview is a hoot.

    You get interviewed?

    Noitced Dan Hess, getting a little “Snippy” lately.

    I guess Larry’s safe though.

  4. Gforcejohn: Nothing new. Just a bunch of mean people with agendas.

    Guy: Thanks. I just get sick of people beating up on my buds.

    Alec: I’m not sure they make balloons big enough.

    Patrick: I’m not aware of any port commissioners (past or present) who were interviewed. I find that odd.
    Hess needs to get away from those tools before he gets infected. I won’t comment on Larry – My mom reads this blog. If you have a link to the file, post it here. I haven’t read/listened to it yet.

  5. Glenny,

    Keep me out of your blogs. I just confirmed to Marquis what your buddy Phund had told me 5 years ago, what Marquis did with it is what it is, I may not like it, you may not like it, whatever. So do yourself a favor, leave my name out of your blogs, you have enough to worry about in your own life. You got an issue, take it up with Phund and Marquis.

    By the way, Glenny, there are a lot of us that were born in this town, not just you, and some of us are getting tired of cleaning up your mess.

    Ethics was never your strong point.

    Floyd Holcom

  6. “The Port of Astoria will rekindle and find what we have to do to protect our valuable past and rebuild our economic future.”

    What exactly does this mean?

  7. Why does Floyd Holcom think that as an elected official that he can tell people not to write about him?

    What is up with that?

  8. Gackster: It’s either a Floyd wannabee or someone that wants to make Floyd look like an ass. He knows better than to lecture me about ethics.

  9. It’s interesting to see all of these good ole boys and girls who get elected to office and use their positions to benefit themselves and their buds. Now when the local paper or the DOJ points out their wrong doings the good ole boys start screaming. Interesting.

  10. cworldj/alec: welcome to the machine.

    wondering: You’re right, I’m pissed. I’m not really a good ole boy but I am going to inject my take on the flip side of this record. The innanutshell version is we here at the crazy world think the doj is in fact guilty of wasting taxpayer dollars on an investigation that concluded with an insinuation of guiltiness (how J.Edgar Hooverish). During which time they knew there was no means to an end. So keep checking back. We’re just getting started. Hell, i’m still reading the voluminous subpoenas, interviews, etc, etc. Thank you for submitting your opinion.

  11. G,

    I suspect that your local politicians have limited experience with the power of the citizen journalist. Local politicians tend to live in a self created world, and become hyper aggressive when held in a real world spotlight.

    I’m obviously not familiar with the issue you have brought to light, but I admire your effort to offer a counterpoint, using a most appropriate forum – your Blog.


  12. Bill: The issue is our local paper, Oregon Attorney General office, and our local District Attorney using a former Port of Astoria director as a pawn for their larger agenda of preventing liquified natural gas (LNG) from setting up shop in our local area. I hope to draw some attention to the errors of their collective ways through this blog. Another month and I will have some time on my hands to get back to blogging again! Thanks for commenting Bill. Always appreciate your input.

  13. G – I also support the LNG facility coming to our area, although I do prefer the site at Bradwood over Skipanon, primarily due to the geography.

    In the distressed economy that we have experienced for decades, really, it is completely ridiculous to keep out an industry (that we won’t even SEE), that will infuse our county with much needed tax money – not to mention the operating expenses once it’s operational, much of which will be spent locally.

    Just ridiculous!

  14. Charles: I support both locations! The opposition to LNG is mystifying. I really can’t understand why people are against clean energy that brings considerable wealth to our County.

  15. G: don’t overlook GREED. maybe LNG didn’t pay off the right people. When you are talking the dollar amounts that you are talking do you expect that the big shots in State gov are going to let some local yahoo poobah be head-bribe-taker? Maybe this got shut down because
    a. The whole state does need to buy off on this since the pipeline STARTS over there, comes THROUGH HERE and goes all the way DOWN there. How do the right of ways neccesary to make this happen fall into place?
    b. LNG totally misunderstood the politics of the situation? Isnt it a little presumptious to assume that everything could be all smoothed over by paying 40 gs under the table to one little meister burger meister isnt it? It does smell like Big Corporation Arrogance a little doesnt it?

  16. CrazyJ/OG: It’s not easy being clueless.

    For those of you who don’t read the Daily Astorian, the “i’m so mature” editor called former port commissioners “clueless” (among some other nefarious names) for approving a lease with the LNG company because according to his new found heroes Oregon Attorney General John Kroger and notable crime fighting D.A. Josh Marquis, have uncovered the greatest crime of the century – A crime that has no evidence of wrongdoing (by their own admission) I might add.

    Just as soon as I can squeak in some words (which require a luxury known as time) that are greater than a comment, I’m going to blog further about this issue – So stay tuned!

  17. It looks to me at this point you might as well go back to blogging every day again. Now you are just doing it every day in the comments box. And I agree with crazyJ- more Floyd! Just be careful with that axe, Eugene.

  18. All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

    i guess G is going to just let this thread grow and grow like an out of control wisteria vine. Or like one of those ivy plants that the white man brought to oregon to educate the natives about subjugation. Those little aholes have choked off every single horse chestnut tree in the back yard to the point where cutting them down will need a permit (thanks Portland!) and cutting just the vines will kill them. They are ALL vines now. Over 100 years or so the ivy vines have morphed into hard as oak proxy trunks with angry needles on the outside so my kids cant even climb them. They will clearly outlast me in my domicile.

    And no i didnt hijack this thread because it wasn’t going anywhere except for the floyd quoting.

  19. cworldj: I share your plight with the ivy. I have several 50 year old huge maples that resemble the hunchback of notre dame. Ted Nugent’s stranglehold if you will.

    As for hijacking, this is the crazy world. When I get some time to actually get back to writing blogs, there will be a jihad on a certain group of anti’s.

    Obviously We can’t tell you the name of the game…

  20. Our Crime fighting DA does not care about justice, or how he destroys the lives of those he decides are guilty – with a complete lack of evidence. Anyone else out there want to write in John Orr for DA and while you are at it, Willie Nyberg for Sheriff?

  21. Jeri: I can’t say I was happy about his involvement with the AG on Gearin. Dirty politics. I’m no longer tuned in to the politics of Clatsop County so I can’t really weigh in on the Sheriff. I’ve known Willie since high school and Willie is a straight shooter (no pun intended!) As always though, I am sorry to see the conservatives loose the commission so I know people who rely on property rights and industry are going to suffer for the foreseeable future.

  22. If Mr. Holcom, the alleged flag waver for “ethics”, did not indeed post what appeared then he certainly can and should contact the blog and advise otherwise.

  23. Actually Mr. Marquis is a proven and very capable DA whose staff and DDAs are exceptional given the overall resources they work with. Marquis is demanding of solid cases that require trial and it is ultimately a jury that determines guilt or otherwise. “Lives ruined” is subjective – overall it is the fault and the responsibility of those who “do the crime” that are the destructive forces.

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