Open Sesame

Last week, and according to a very hectic and insane schedule, the Canby Cinema 8 opened it’s doors.

This year has found me with my fair share of challenges schedule-wise but it is the Canby Cinema that was really on my radar screen for achievement.

It all started when we got the invitation to bid on this project back in January. It started out that we would be bidding against two other companies. One who was what I would characterize as a consolation invitee from the republic of Kalifornia who specializes in theaters, and the other who I would (and still do) characterize as the bane of my competitive existence for the past two years. Before I knew it, this list of companies had grown to a total of six companies.

After the bids were evaluated, us and the “bane of my existence” were shortlisted. While the company I work for doesn’t specialize in theaters, we have done our fair share. I also had the advantage of working with this architect on multiple projects so that also helped. I have since found out my price was slightly lower than “bane’s” was so that helped as well. The only disadvantage I had was “bane” had built a theater for this client before.

So, we interviewed and interviewed well. We successfully negotiated the contract and started building the 20,000 square foot theater around the 1st of April of this year. Seven months later, the Canby Cinema 8 opened it’s doors.

I remember well when the owner of the company I work for and I were interviewing. The owner stared us down and asked “Can we open by Halloween?” Without hesitation, my boss said “of course”. In my head I’m thinking “no way”. Not without overtime and we don’t have that in the budget. After the meeting, I asked my boss if he just told the client that we cold finish by Halloween. He told me good luck and make sure it happens.

I was fortunate to enlist an extremely driven superintendent. Of course he had never done a project of this size but I had worked with him on some other smaller projects and he had always gotten them done on time. We work well together I told myself. We can do this. This superintendent surprised me. He rose to the occassion and made it happen on so many different levels. I’ve never been more proud of a superintendent in my life.

We are now working on the finishing touches and this project will be a total wrap in the next two weeks. This project has helped me immeasurably by showing me what true teamwork can accomplish.

So if you are the Canby vicinity and feel the urge to watch the latest movie, stop in, buy some popcorn and enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Open Sesame

  1. Very cool. Looks like a neat design. and of course you gotta love all that neon. They don’t do that enough on theaters anymore. If/when I get back that way I’ll go there and say “My friend g built this place!”

  2. Guy: I don’t really have anything solid on the backlog right now. I still have projects that will be closing out about the 1st of the year. I’m going to start ramping up my bidding. It’s going to be a tough year. Competition is fierce right now.

    Alec: This theater is indeed state of the art. Digital projectors, 3d and a sound system that will blow you away! Absolutely enjoyable experience. Regarding the design, the architect likes “old school” theater design.

  3. What’s also cool is the homage to the alien obelisk in 2001 Space Odyssey.

    I loved the part in that movie where the monkeys hung around the obelisk until they figured out what number 1 is and then had a party because they were now digital.

  4. cworldj: technology takes time. remember, we used to listen to music on cassette. i remember when digital cassette recordings came out. First one I remember buying was Roger Waters Amused To Death. Sounded great. And to come full circle, he sang of monkey’s on that album. It could be there is a direct correlation between monkeys and digital sound.

  5. Yes G but you notice how The Monkees dont sound better in digital?

    Not that I have any of that music on my drives.

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