The Official Pink Floyd Thread

For those of you who don’t know me that well, I am a huge and devoted Pink Floyd fan. It appears we have several regulars here who are also Floyd fans. I can’t reveal his identity but CrazyWorld of John is a former college roommate of mine and we enjoyed countless hours of college mayhem, shenanigans and of course Pink Floyd.

My introduction to Pink Floyd came in 1980 in the form of their most popular song – Another Brick In The Wall from The Wall album. I don’t remember listening to the Floyd again until 1985 when my next door college roommates Charlie and Reece introduced me to Dark Side of The Moon. From there I was hooked. To this day there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t listen to a Floyd album or one of the band members solo albums.

  • My favorite Pink Floyd album is unquestionably Meddle. I have so many different live versions/bootlegs of Meddle I can’t even count them!
  • My favorite Pink Floyd songe is unquestionably The Narrow Way from the Ummagumma album
  • My favorite Pink Floyd band member is unquestionably Sid Barrett (followed closely by David Gilmour).

So please share your Pink Floydisms. After all, this is the official thread.

The Band Is Just Fantastic, That Is Really What I Think.


35 thoughts on “The Official Pink Floyd Thread

  1. That is my favorite poster. When I first saw it, my bosses kid had one and they were out of print. I said “If I had one of those I would hang it up right over the head of my bed.” Everyone thought that my wife would kick my butt if i tried any such thing so they banded together and found one somewhere and they waited for me to come back to work with a black eye. I took it home and tacked it up over my headboard and took a picture with the wife on the bed underneath with a big smile on her face. They were so disappointed. I still have it rolled up somewhere but now I don’t have a place to hang it. Pfui.

  2. gackster: have to disagree with you. As I mentioned, Syd is my favorite band member and Piper is the first floyd album released in 1967. A few faves from that album are Astronomy Domine, Gnome, Interstellar Overdrive, and of course Bike.

    Darev: LOL! I have the poster from Dark Side Of The Moon album (the one that came in the album) in my shop.

  3. I grew up on listening to some of those clear-channel AM stations at night. One in particular, a 50,000 watt station in Little Rock, AR, would feature “underground” rock late in the evenings. There, I would soak up stuff you never heard on Top-40 at the time. King Crimson, Yes, Genesis (Peter Gabriel-era), and of course, Floyd. This was around 1971, when Meddle was released. “One of These Days” and “Echoes” were frequently played. I had no idea that this band already had several excellent albums out. But it didn’t take long for me to get my hands on them.

    Two years later, I picked up Dark Side of the Moon. So did every other high school kid I knew. The gatefold album included the famous “pyramids” poster that everyone hung on their walls. I literally wore out that vinyl from playing it so much. Lots of listenings with friends, often with the help of a few beers and a bit of something mind-altering. Good times. I had purchased that album several times: on vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and CD. Somewhere I still have a copy of the Mobile Fidelity labs vinyl stashed away.

    I now have every Pink Floyd release on CD, with DSOTM and Wish You Were Here tied as my favorites. And numerous bootlegs. “The Man & the Journey,” “Pompeii,” “Amsterdam ’69” are just a few of the many good RoIO recordings worth seeking out.

    You hit a chord with me, G. Thanks.

  4. Stormin: Sounds like you have a few years on me. I was still in grade school during those days but even then was listening to Clapton, Steve Miller, Wings. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and be part of the group that got to listen to DSOTM for the first time. I’m not familiar with “The Man & The Journey” – I’ll have to get my hands on it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    For those of you who don’t know Stormin Norman, make sure you visit his website – Alligators In The Sewer. Those guys never cease to make me laugh!

  5. Pink Floyd is a legacy in my household. My dad is a huge fan, and therefore we own all of their cds. I can’t express what the band has done for me. Just by listening to a song my entire day can change. In bad relationships I just listened to the Wall. When a friend of mine got ripped off by a music producer I handed him Wish You Were There. My favorite song is probably Dogs or Time…not really sure there are too many songs to choose from. But Pink Floyd will always be my favorite even when I reach the dark side of the moon.

  6. Hey, noticed this “official thread” so felt it necessary to add my 2 cents. So my name is rebeccaSaurus and I am a devote Folydian, I keep a record of my favorite Pink Floyd lyrics on my blog… love some requests… I also love to just talk about Floyd. I have all the albums including all the live shit and “A Treeful of Secrets”, a compilation of rarities. I also have Live at pompei (the movie and just the audio), a bunch of audio commentaries, plus all album and dvd artwork… I’m new to wordpress and really want to…. branch out

  7. Welcome to the Crazy World Rebecca!
    The Floyd is spoken here.
    Thanks for stopping by and I’ll have to do a Pink Floyd post again soon.

  8. Tg: Many have tried. The closest lineup in today’s generation is Radiohead. I enjoy their originality and dedication to the cutting edge of creativity.

  9. hey, I am new here on the forums can someone here tell me how I can save movies from youtube?

  10. Hi does somebody on here mange to access this website and load it clearly on their mobile phone eg. blackberry? Any guidance gratefully received as to which is the best way to view this place on the move. I am looking to change my mobile phone shortly

  11. Andrew – I don’t own a blackberry but do own an HTC Incredible running Android.

    When I go to the URL, it automatically loads the mobile version.

    There is a toggle at the bottom of the page to view the site in mobile mode or regular mode.

    When you load the site on your blackberry, what can you see (what format)?

    I’m not quite sure what you are asking. Does your Blackberry have the mobile plugin? If not, you can get it here:

  12. Found this site looking for “Wish You Were Here Postcard” to email my GF.

    I agree with all the comments except the slur on “TPATGOD”
    “Relics” (Best of “The Piper…” and “A Saucer Full of Secrets” ? ) was known as the “sing along” album. A miss (well?) spent youth singing “I’ve got a bike you can ride it if you like, it’s got a basket a bell that rings and things to make it look good…”

    Those were the days…..

  13. Thanks for stopping by Skypig.
    I feel bad that you were unable to find a postcard for your GF so I made one for you.

  14. Mate, I found the Postcard (legs out of the water) AND enjoyed the Floyd – Cheers from Australia.
    I Caught Pink Floyd in Sydney years ago (Delicate Sound of Thunder tour?), flying pig and all.
    I’m still trying to learn “Wish You Were Here” on Guitar. (Total Guitar newbie)

    Trivia – The Battersea Power station featuring on the “Animals” album cover has recently featured on Political TV advertising here.

    The government was trying to convince us 1. It was an Australian Power station. 2. It was still operating. 3. Cabon dixode is not a colourless gas. 4. We need to pay more tax. 5. By paying more tax we can control the enviroment. Flying pigs 5, Labour government nil.
    (How do I post a pic?)

  15. Sounds like you have some politicians on loan from my home state of Oregon.

    To post a pic:
    >img src=”url of the image”>
    include the quotes around the url as it is above and turn the arrow before <img facing the other direction. I couldn't demonstrate it otherwise.

    Shine on you mate!

  16. Picture posting, FAIL (3rd time lucky?)

    Carbon tax deception

    “We will never introduce a carbon tax” – Julia “JuLIAR” Gillard.

    Pigs will fly before we can believe a thing the Australian Labour party says.

  17. Photobucket – Direct, Email, HTML or IMAG? Still need the < and quotes ? (Me dumb)

  18. Type this and it should work.
    Then just substitute the url where your picture is (on the web) that is inside the quotes.
    Make sure to keep the quotes ” ”

    Type this in your reply:

  19. It just vanishes!!
    I know I’m not that smart with computers (or anything else) but I’ve posted pics on Website threads before, no problems….. 😦
    Not important, but frustrating.


  20. Ha Ha – I’m just clogging up your blog with invisable pics and (therefore) nonsensicle posts…

  21. PINK FLOYD FANS!! Check out my cover of “Have a Cigar.” Thanks!

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