Are You In Sync?

I personally don’t sync many files. I guess I’m just one of those kinds of people that don’t have the need.

In fact, the only file I sync is my music folder. What can I say. I’m a music nut. I have hundreds of albums on my computer and the thought of a hard disk meltdown causes me nightmares.

Like I said, I’m not really one of those sync types. I am a backup freak. I backup all of my files – One on my local drive, one on my storage drive, and another on my portable backup drive (which is stashed outside of my house).

I do sync my music though. My music folder is always evolving and in permananent transformation. Because of this, I need to make sure all of my music backup folders are all concurrent with my local folder.

Enter FileMyster. FileMyster is a small program that does great things. It can sync one folder/file or many. You can schedule it to sync according to your preferences. Because I’m not a big sync user, I wanted a simple program to perform my syncing needs. FileMyster is free for non commercial use.


7 thoughts on “Are You In Sync?

  1. rick: it works great.

    darev: lol. for example i have two hard drives that host a folder called “my music”. they are identical to each other and the purpose they serve is to backup “my music”. So, say i add a song to “my music on the c drive. once i run filemyster, it copies (syncs) the song to the “my music” folder on my f drive. basically it keeps both folders in sync with each other so that they are an exact match. so yes, syncing is a good thing!

  2. this brings me bad memories. I had my main data drive with all my music, family pics, videos, everything that i had accumulated digitally over the years suddenly lose a bunch of sectors last summer. Thanks G.

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