LNG Does Not Kill Dogs

I’m not going to go to any great lengths today to explain why LNG is great for the common order.

In the following cases, LNG, in fact, did not kill mine or anyone’s dog.

In case number one, LNG has rescued some people who surely would have been killed in a perilous boating accident.
In case number two, the Republic of Kalifornia has embraced LNG as a means to an end with landfill gasses.

So next time someone suggests to you that LNG is evil and anyone that says otherwise should be evaporated from planet earth, send them here.


One thought on “LNG Does Not Kill Dogs

  1. If the state said they were going to hire Jesus to stand out on the street corner and give away free money, there would be some fool who would find a need to protest against it. I’m just sayin’….

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