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At work I’m in scan heaven. We have an autofeed high speed scanner. Since I run a paperless office, any paper documents that I get are immediately scanned and the paper is recycled.

At home it’s a different story. For starters, I do not have a high speed scanner. For my scanning needs, I use my HP all in one printer which scans one page at a time. Because this is an older all in one, scanning multiple documents into one pdf file is a time consuming task. To do it requires using multiple programs.

Because yours truly is an efficiency freak, I sought out a faster way of scanning to pdf.

Enter Scan To Pdf. This nifty FREE little program excels at efficiency and pdf organization. If you are one of us who is without a multifeed scanner, this is the next best thing to it.


11 thoughts on “Scan To PDF

  1. Heh heh and big bad adobe doesnt get a dime. Love it. The portable document format is an OPEN standard which means its not locked up into proprietary cant see or touch code. You me or your aunt jemimah can write our own programs using the pdf format that adobe doesnt put into acrobat for whatever reason.

  2. I find pdf’s that have certain pages or pictures in them that I want to keep or modify for my own uses. Sometimes I can gank them and sometimes I can’t. I think it all depends on which version they used to make the thing in the first place.

  3. G,

    Great find there “G”… Will be taking a look at this. I’m in the same boat, HP All-In-One at one page at a time.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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  5. rick: it’s a keeper! i’ve been using XNview to scan my pdfs and organized them from there. this is a whole lot more convenient as most of my scans are turned into pdf’s.

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