Gov K. Says No LNG Investigation

Just out from our wonderful Portland Oregon based newspaper – The Oregonian, is an article that sheds light on the recent Oregon LNG vs The Port of Astoria lawsuit and goes on to say that our Governor who can’t seem to keep jobs in our esteemed state is NOT going to investigate the port/Oregon LNG lease.

Governor spokesperson Mike Carrier states “We see absolutely no need or basis for an investigation,”.

Peter Huhtala disagrees and thinks the Gov should take “the situation” more seriously.
Maybe The Gov didn’t quite understand what “the situation” is. I’m still scratching my head as to what “the situation” is.
Maybe The Gov has figured out that LNG brings jobs? He could obviously use a big score on jobs right now.

Well, this is certainly another crushing blow to anti LNG activists who asked the state please please please with sugar on top to investigate the uninvestigatable. Bummer dudes. I’d be lying if I said I feel your pain but you really had this coming.

In earlier LNG news, The Oregonian also reports that U.S. Magistrate Judge John Jelderks, sided with Oregon LNG’s summary motion to get the port to pay up. Ewwww, that’s gonna be a spendy bill I’m sure. The port has vowed they will not go down without a fierce, lengthy, and expensive battle and will appeal. Great. The Magistrate has just dealt the port commission a crushing blow, denied all of the ports claims, and now the port ego system wants to spend more TAXPAYER money to leave no doubt in everyone’s mind that they are total tools.

Which reminds me. Clatsop County has been in the mood to recall it’s elected officials (for less mind you). It’s time for the port commission to go. This legal thing is getting way to spendy and without the absence of EGO, this fiscal irresponsibility is only going to continue.

If any of you actually attend a port meeting – Ask the president of the commission to provide you an up to date accounting of the legal fees incurred for the port and it’s commission who are currently all being sued right now. If he doesn’t have that information on hand, please ask him “about” how much.

The horror….


7 thoughts on “Gov K. Says No LNG Investigation

  1. I heard one of the dumbest things ever today. Somebody said that the lease payment that the LNG guys received was too low, that is, that the lease payment was figured on the basis that the land would be used as a golf course, instead of for a multi-million dollar investment. And, hold on, there’s one more step in this madness; that since the LNG guys will make millions instead of the hundreds or thousands (perhaps) that a golf course would have made, the LNG should be forced to pay a higher rent than that of a golf course.

    So, let us figure this out. If the rent was a hundred dollars a month and resulted in ten jobs that netted 10,000 a month that’s better than rent at a hundred dollars a month that results in a hundred jobs that netted 1-million a month?

    So, the Port should have subsidized a golf course for a low net return, but should not have made that land available at the same price for an order of magnitude increase in the return against the use of that land?

    Is this what passes for reasoned insight in Clatsop county? These people surpass madness. This is sheer, rank, insipid, full-frontal mental retardation. Actually, it’s an insult to the mentally retarded to be compared to this type of thinking. And for that, I apologize.

  2. OG: Unfortunately this isn’t about jobs, the economy, or even lease rates for that matter. This is simply about a small group of people who are opposed to 1. Capitalism, 2. Fossil fuel, and 3. Big corporations.

    It is about a fundamental belief that (fortunately) exists at the minority level.

    While your argument makes perfect rational sense, it is irrelevant to this group and their mission.

    I appreciate your comment and always welcome your thoughts. So STOP BY MORE OFTEN!! Now excuse me while I go read your blog so I can shake off any semblance of a liberal thought that I might have had.

  3. Governor Klowningoneskiing is the ultimate paperweight. You only see action because someone moved him from one pile to the other. You can thank whoever that person or entity was because it wasnt the K himself. He doesnt move of his own free will because he is not a spined creature. Classum No Vertebratum.

  4. darev: unfortunately we elected the exact character that john has so eloquently described. We are at 12% unemployment and rising. His answer is to create more jobs in government and tax us more to pay for it.

    His mission of creating a “green” economy is on the verge of exploding which will obviously be paid for by more taxes. He has not a clue. In fact if we did the opposite of what he is doing now, I actually think it would help our economy.

    You aren’t in the market for a wind turbine are you?

  5. If I could put one up here without a bazillion permits and if I could afford the ephemera that went along with it, I would have a turbine.

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