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How many of you are home video nuts? Perhaps you have a few AVI, Mpeg4, or maybe some MKV video files sitting around on your computer that you would like to burn to a DVD so you can watch them on your TV.

If that’s the case, this article is for you.

There is a great little program out there called DVD Flick that is a FREE program that allows you to encode the desired video file into a DVD format file. Once DVD Flick encodes the files, it then will proceed to burn it to a DVD.

DVD Flick is NOT a DVD burning program although it IS a DVD authoring tool and file encoder. After DVD Flick encodes the file to DVD format, it then completes the burning process by calling on your burning program to finish the process. IMG Burn is a great DVD burning program that works well with DVD Flick.

DVD Flick is the easiest one step encoding/burning program that I have come across yet. It allows you to encode the file as a single file or you can set it up with multiple chapters. Dvd Flick also supports subtitle files as well in case you have a favorite foreign video file that speaka no englis.

Both DVD Flick and IMG Burn are free downloads. Keep in mind that encoding videos zaps your system resources so if you have an older computer, the encoding can take several hours for a two hour movie. On my own machine which is a fairly fast quad core cpu computer running Windows 7, encoding a two hour movie takes about 30 minutes. On my old XP pentium 4, encoding would take a couple hours and use up nearly all my cpu resources. Your mileage may vary.


10 thoughts on “Burn It

  1. I have been using dvd flick for awhile now. I’m pretty sure I got the link from you. For a free program, it’s one of the best I have ever used. Easy to use and not a resource hog.

  2. I like ConvertXtoDvd….just throw about any old vid file in there and it converts and burns it in one fell swoop

  3. gackster: This program used to only be available as a trial download but it expired after awhile at which time you had to buy the program. Is this still the case?

  4. Oh, there’s free versions available with KegGens on various sites via bittorrent-I used three different versions and they’ve all been free and never had a bit of a problem with them

  5. mp4s from my phone are so heavily compressed they look like vomit on on my 64 inch LCD screen. What should i do?

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