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I’m pretty excited. I’m finishing off 2009 as a kick butt year. While most of the construction industry was in a free fall, the firm I work for and myself had a banner year.

2010 looks to be a little bit tougher and as of right now, I don’t have any backlog going ahead. I do have some great irons in the fire that I’m sure some of which will work out.

This is my last post of 2009 and I thought I’d finish it off with another new found excitement.

It’s Google Wave.

Currently, Wave is in Beta and I was lucky enough to get an invite early to test drive it. So what is this Google Wave you speak of? Well, in a nutshell, it works like Facebook, Twitter, and Email all in one.

I firmly believe in the next few years the Wave format is going to replace email as we know it. With the worlds new addiction to social networking, Google Wave takes advantage of all of the components and makes collaborating with your peers a truly enjoyable (and easy) experience.

I have taken the opportunity to be involved in multiple waves for the past few months and at first it was somewhat confusing. I would jump in a wave and find out I was replying in the wrong spot (this is easy to do in a multi string wave). After a few more tries, I got the hang of it and was Waving like a pro.

If I have your attention now, take a gander over at the Google Wave site and watch the vid to see just what this Google Wave is.

If that really gets your curiosity going, I have 10 invites available that I can send out to you so you can get a head start on what will surely be the WAVE of the future. Send your invitation request to It’s a first come first serve. The invitations usually take a couple weeks to show up in your GMAIL inbox (yes, you need to have a Gmail email account).

Once you get your Wave setup, make sure you give me a holler so we can WAVE to each other.


5 thoughts on “You Have Wave

  1. I just can’t really get into the whole social networking thing, myself. I just aint that social. Sounds like a cool thing, tho.

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  3. Evaw. I like that. An anti-social networking tool. Sign me up! Of course, I won’t ever be on there…

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