Free Martha!

Way back in December of 2001, Martha Stewart was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency, and making false statements to a federal investigator. I was particularly interested in Ms. Stewart’s case because at the time I was actively day trading stocks.

It was brought to light that Ms. Stewart had sold about 4000 shares of stock she owned before the stock plummeted saving her about $45k of losses.

Looking back, I’m sure Ms Stewart is kicking herself for not just coming clean. You know – “The truth shall set you free”. $45k is not a huge chunk of money for someone of Ms. Stewart’s financial picture. She’s a multi-millionaire several times over and $45k is really just a drop in the bucket for her.

As I read about Ms Stewart’s case, it is immediately apparent that she didn’t really go to prison for inappropriately selling her stock, having information that the crash of which was imminent. She actually went to prison because she lied about it!

One thing I do know (as do investigators and now Martha Stewart), crime doesn’t pay and you are more likely than not going to get caught if you lie to an investigator. A trained investigator knows if you are lying. Once he knows you are lying, GAME OVER. He’s got you right where he wants you and your house of cards is going to be vertically challenged in very short order. You see, it wasn’t even Martha’s idea to sell the stock. She was given the information and then tried to conceal where this information came from. Had she cooperated, she would have been teaching us how to make cake and paint our walls with sponges all those years rather than wearing an orange jumpsuit, doing her own laundry, and making license plates.

The Port of Astoria should pay close attention to Ms. Stewart’s fall from grace.


3 thoughts on “Free Martha!

  1. Yeah, but those dorks at the Port can’t cook nearly as well, so they may get a heavier sentence. And should

  2. Lying to an investigator is just never a good idea. Unfortunately, lies seem to come to most peoples lips much easier than the truth.

  3. Another way of looking at it…if Stewart had simply kept her mouth shut from the beginning and requested an attorney, she would never had been convicted of anything. Having counsel present would likely have prevented the inconsistencies in her story that led to the charges. But people like her think they are smarter than skilled investigators, and so she became a victim of her own arrogance.

    This little chestnut is now taught in criminal law courses at law schools as a striking example of why a potential defendant should seek counsel immediately.

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