Yes, yes, yes. I know. I have been beating the Avira AV antivirus drum for over a year here.

I read how Google now packages Avast antivirus with their “package” now and couldn’t resist trying it.
I took the dive, downloaded and installed it. I hate to admit it but I really like it.

There is no splash screen to hack off, it is highly configurable, and low on system resources.
It guards your email, web, network and has many other anti virus trinkets we all need.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your current anti virus software, I highly recommend you head on over to AVAST and download the free version.


5 thoughts on “Traitor

  1. Hmmm…. I had tried it before and didn’t like it. It kept talking to me at inopportune times. Anything else gets past avira and I might give it a try.

  2. darev: so far, it only talks to me at startup to let me know it has updated. I hope its not a new case of hearing voices.

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  4. I might have to play with Avast…thanks for the good review. I currently use Microsoft Security Essentials, having ditched the increasingly resource-heavy AVG a while back. MSE has worked well for me, but one can never tell if it is missing anything – sort of like trying to prove a negative.

  5. Norm: My good tech buddies (that are listed at the right) Bill Mullins and Rick from “What’s On My PC” both swear by MSE. Bill probably knows more about computer security than most and has tested it against all of the leading contenders and says it’s an excellent product (if not THE best). He is also a big fan of Avira and Avast.

    So, I guess the abbreviated version is you are probably doing just fine with MSE. For me it’s just the simple fact that when I think about “Security” and “Microsoft”, the word “Irony” pops in my head.

    Say hi to Phil for me. 🙂

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