This just in: Toyota is considering Clatsop County as their nationwide car recall center. It is widely known now that Clatsop County is the Recall center of the universe. Brett Vandenheuvel and Olivia Schmidt were unavailable for comment as of this writing.


3 thoughts on “Recall

  1. Since you
    1) Don’t live in Clatsop County
    2) Helped almost bankrupt the Port
    3) Did go bankrupt
    4) Haven’t run for office in quite a while

    You just don’t have much impact in your whining.
    You did your best to take whatever you could from the port and it almost destroyed it.

  2. Bozo:
    1. I do live in Clatsop County (Last time I checked, Brownsmead is still in Clatsop County.)
    2. If you say so.
    3. Didn’t. Came close though.
    4. You got me there.

    Thank you for stopping buy and thanks for the comments.

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