This has been a busy month for me. I have been remiss at blogging for good reason.

I’m building a Veterans Administration clinic in 60 days.

Actually, I’m building a VA clinic in 60 days less 3 weeks because it is a design build project and we had to fast track the design in 3 weeks. Technically we couldn’t start without a building permit. Fortunately I was able to pull some strings because of my excellent relationship with the local building authority.

For those who have not endeavored in pulling off a complete buildout of a 10,000 sqft medical clinic in 60 days, you are not alone. Neither have I. Not yet anyway. I still have exactly 15 days left to complete this project. We are starting painting tomorrow and suspended ceiling is due to start Monday.

Our firm was selected for this project because of two reasons. First we do a lot of work for the VA. Second, we have a track record for getting projects done quickly.

I’m just coming off of a fast track 20,000 sqft cinema project that I completed in 6 months. So I am no stranger to doing things in a hurry. However, doing the VA clinic is total madness.

My hat is off to the excellent team that is working under my direction. I can’t do it without them.

I polled all of my subcontractors today and they are all in line and ready to perform. I don’t see anything that will keep us from completing this seemingly impossible task.

I’ll post the results in about 15 days.

Hopefully they will let me out of my straight jacket long enough to post.


5 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. Take a deep breath, plant your feet firmly in the starting blocks and wait for the gun. You’ll do it, I have faith in you.

  2. G,

    All I can say is “Amazing”… I’ll be following this! You need to do one of those reality TV Shows and call it the “Crazy World of G”.


  3. Rick: I just ordered a new HTC incredible which will be my first “smart” phone. I can now tweet! lol

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