Have I mentioned I have a large music collection? For the past year, I have managed to convert my hundreds of CD’s to digital format so I can preserve them and of course listen to them with my computer. I have also bought Western Digital’s WDTV Live so I can wirelessly stream them from my computer to my stereo system so I can rock the house!!

The last remaining task that I have recently accomplished is to be able to stream my music collection through any internet connection.

Enter Orb.

Orb is a web based media streamer that is so simple to set up, a caveman can do it. An added bonus with Orb is to be able to remotely access your computer folders and files as well.

The process is very simple. You install the client side software on your home computer, go to settings and set up the drive(s), folder, and file access you want. For Orb to work, you have to make sure your host side computer is on.

From a security standpoint, be very careful how you set this up. I recommend you create a public folder and copy any media files or other files you want access to to this folder. I’m always a little paranoid about making my root directories available to a 3rd party website. If you need to be able to access your root directories, I suggest setting up a virtual private network or FTP.

Orb works great with mobile phones as well. I currently have my HTC Incredible hooked up to Orb and can watch videos and listen to music from my own computer!

Orb is free!


5 thoughts on “Orb

  1. WDTV Live= Sweet!!

    Bought it last week and very stoked about it. Plugged in 2 USB drives: 500 gb drive full of music and 1 TB drive with 500+ movies. Seamless. Simple. Sold

  2. Chief: Glad to hear your extreme Stoke level on the WDTV Live!

    It is on my short list of reviews to do in the next few weeks. Have you set up wireless/Lan networking with it? Once you do that, you will no longer need any drives to hook up. You can just set up a network share and you are good to go.

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