I finally got fed up with trying to remember all of my darned passwords for the various websites I visit. I think I’m somewhere around 30 different usernames and passwords.

Being a freak about security, I don’t have the same password or username for anything. Also, my passwords are long and not the type that I can remember since they all have letters, numeric, and various characters in them. My philosophy on passwords is if you are gonna try to crack me, you’re gonna spend some time doing it.

I still recommend you encrypt your financial usernames/passwords (if they aren’t the type you can’t remember) and keep them local as opposed to online in the cloud.

For the non financial usernames/passwords, I highly recommend you use LastPass.

LastPass is a great local and cloud application that can sync your usernames/passwords from computer to computer. You load in the information and LastPass will autofill both your username and password. All you have to do is set up one username and one password to access LastPass. LastPass is encrypted so it would be pretty difficult for someone to access your information without your username and password.

I use three computers on a regular basis – Laptop, home desktop, work desktop. With LastPass, all of my usernames and passwords are a click away.

I know many of you use KeyPass. I have been trialing both programs and have decided LastPass is my favorite.

LastPass integrates well with all browser platforms and is free to use!


7 thoughts on “LastPass

  1. G,

    I will be taking a look at this… I have been playing around with, and so far like, a small app called S10 Password Vault; however, it lacks the syncing ability from PC to PC. Great review!


  2. Rick: Works flawless and I honestly can’t find any faults. Autofill is a beautiful thing! Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. It has come to my attention there is a incompatibility issue with the latest firefox build.

    Vist G-Hacks to get more information.

  5. the problem with software that doesn’t have to control a servo or time the firing of spark plugs in a pick up truck or adjust the flaps on a 747 is that it never gets stress tested to have to work 1000 times without fail. It simply has to work one time maybe a few different ways Hey! ship it!

    So then when you and I start using it it breaks after a while. And we act surprised. We expect something soft to work like its hard?

  6. I recently started to use lass pass over keepass and couldn’t be more happier with the security and the ease last pass offers although I still use keepass for the more personal site information and just use the keepass portable on my flash drive and make a copy of the encrypted data and paste it on the flash drive so I have access to the passwords & usernames on other computers I use since I don’t have those personal sites user names and passwords saved in last pass…

  7. That’s what I love about Lastpass – if i’m in the middle of nowhere with a strange computer and internet access, I can access my P/W online.

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