That’s Incredible!

As a youngster, I rarely missed Fran Tarkenton, John Davidson, and Cathy Lee Crosby and the cast of characters who brought us the ready for prime time show That’s Incredible.

Today, and I do mean TODAY, Oregon’s very own Governor had an epiphany that our state government is in a financial free fall.

That’s Incredible!

What’s incredible you might ask? It’s the first time in decades that the answer hasn’t been “we need to raise taxes, build windmills, raise fees, and hire more public employees”.

What’s incredible is the answer the honorable (and very lame duckish I might add) Governor Theodore Kulongoski gave is “we need to make cuts“.

Forgive me but I’m still in disbelief I heard him say that with my own ears.

It’s not like he wasn’t warned or the fact that anyone with half a brain couldn’t see this coming. The state leadership has largely ignored the fact that we are in a recession and many in Oregon are hurting because of bad fiscal policy bent on a spending frenzy and taxing businesses that only our sister states to the North and South could rival.

At least our Governor now admits what we are doing isn’t working.

The unfortunate thing about all of this is he’s a lame duck governor and politics have once again reared its ugly head. His comments were geared toward the lowest common denominators. The voters who are terminally stupid and believe his well timed story of BS.

Don’t rush so fast to the polls to vote democrat in the next election. The guy that is running for Governor is none other than John Kitzhaber. Former Governor Kitzhaber is the all time champion at keeping taxes high and dissuading business.

Today’s That’s Incredible moment was nothing more than a well timed action so the leaders of the dark side of the force can have some political traction come November.

Too little too late I say. You clowns have had years, no, decades to develop your political traction.

I for one don’t want 4 more years of a tax and spend Oregon with further burden being put on us tax payers.

Chris Dudley for Governor!


4 thoughts on “That’s Incredible!

  1. Guy, that is hilarious! But soooooo true!!!

    You don’t see it so much locally but I remember when I ran for state rep, I was amazed at how many of these guys were so full of themselves. I was young and naive and wanted to make a difference (help) these guys wanted power. Unfortunately, there are more who are power hungry than want to help.

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