Having just wrote an article featuring a media streaming service called Orb, I was recently turned on to another media streaming service that I’ve been testing over the weekend.

Libox is a media streaming service that allows you to stream your music, photos, and video from your computer.

It works similiar to Orb in that you download their FREE software and sync whatever media folders you want.

This software works both on Mac and Windows 32/64 bit XP, Vista, and Windows 7 machines. I found the software very Mac-ish and had problems shrinking the window (which I have had problems with other Mac type software). However, since it is a streaming program, most, if not all of my use will be via my browser and in my tests, functioned excellent.

The pro’s of this software is it is extremely easy to set up and use. The developer has been working on this project for a few years and has just released it into a beta. I have yet to find any bugs and it functions flawlessly. I also like the fact that it plays the music/video with it’s own built in player so it doesn’t rely on third party players like Orb does. I think the functionality of this program will be more user friendly to mobile devices.

The only real con that I have is the inability to choose an album to play. To play an album you have to click on all of the songs in the album as if you were setting up a playlist. I hope a future release will give the user more settings to choose how they want to listen to music. It’s not a big con but just an extra step.

The social aspect of this program is awesome! Sharing your media is as simple as clicking and sharing.

In the world of media streaming, there are few good options to choose from. Libox is at the top of the list if you are interested in media streaming and I can’t recommend it enough.


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  2. Libox and ORB are both security compromisers i wouldnt trust to use. Thats just my personal preference to absolutely positively never get hacked.

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