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It’s no secret I am an admitted Google-aholic. I use it daily for both personal and business. Google integrates seamlessly with my HTC Incredible smartphone so it makes it all the more easy access to all things Google.

I got an early invite to try out Google Voice when it was still in beta and a few months ago, Google Voice became available to the masses.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Voice, it allows you to pick a local number and set it up to ring through the google answering service and will forward to whatever phone you want.

Recently, Google released a key ingredient to Google Voice which allows you to now take calls and make calls right from your computer. It operates kinda like Skype except you can call anywhere in the US for free! How awesome is that?

If you haven’t yet looked into Google Voice, go here for the complete rundown. To make and take calls from your computer, you need to have a Gmail account with Google chat set up to make/take the calls. My experience with Google Voice has been 100% positive. It’s free and the call quality rivals both my phone and cell quality. You can also set up video chat along with this.

Since my daughter does not yet have a phone, I set up her Google Voice number to ring directly to chat. Usually when she is in the house, she’s on the computer so it keeps our home phone line from being tied up. She also set up her own answering service so when her friends want to leave a message, once again, our answering machine isn’t filled up. How many of you have bought another line for your kids? Now you don’t have to.

For those of you not familiar with Google, take it from me, I couldn’t function without it! Google Voice is only one of many cool applications that Google offers. Check it out and be all things Google!


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  1. G – I’m with ya. Google Voice is an incredible service which I would gladly pay for (and Gmail too).

    Been using the voice product full-time as my office “receptionist” since it was in Beta as Grandcentral in August 2007. I route all office calls through google voice, which can forward to ring wherever I’m at or go to voicemail. Sweet!!! Used it for 3 years now. FOR FREE.

    Gmail too. I once thought I could not function without Microsoft Outlook, but a few years ago I imported my nearly 20 year old Outlook data file into gmail and I run all my domain emails through Gmail, which syncs seamlessly on my iphone through IMAP, along with contacts and calendars.

    Google has almost made MSFT irrelevant and will soon rule the world. Just wish Google and Apple weren’t getting sideways.



  2. G- I don’t chat or voice chat. Not generally very sociable even at the best of times. But the wife and her friends have been using Skype for awhile now and really like it. She chats all of the time with her friend in Scotland with no appreciable lag or problems connecting and for free. I will, however, send them both a link to this post and urge them to try GV and see what they think.

    BTW… Glad to see you back, my friend. We missed you.

  3. Michael, I’m down to about 2 programs that are dependent on msft. Once I no longer have to use those programs, I’ll be a linux user. Soon. I called centel and it will be awhile before we get faster internet. They say we need fiber (local) to speed us up.

    darev: wish i was back to stay! I find little holes now and then to post. thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Hi There!

    I started using GV about 6months ago while GV was still beta status and couldn’t be more happier with the service GV provides…

    That’s a great idea with the set up you have for your daughter my brother is in his preteens and is starting to talk with his friends on the phone and ties the phone up for hours I am going to pass on this post to my parents so they can get the just of what GV, has to offer…


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