Our legislators are so smart here in Oregon. How smart are they? Well, for starters the previous democrat leadership managed to jack our taxes up so high that businesses and families are moving out of Oregon and re-planting themselves across the river in neighboring Washington.

The liberal leadership were told time and time again that if measure 66 & 67 (measures to tax businesses to the stratosphere and families earning over $250k) passes, these businesses and families would get the hell out of dodge.

And get the hell out they are.
In 2010 alone, approximately 15,000 families beat feet from one of the highest taxed states in the union (Oregon) to the lower priced and affordable Clark County Washington.

Rumor has it the not so top heavy liberals are caving toward repealling measures 66 and 67.

While they are at it, they should consider dropping the 11% income tax rate down a few notches.

Better late than never.


10 thoughts on “Exodus

  1. Genie is out of the bottle.

    We lost about half a percent of our state population in 2010.
    Even Kalifornians aren’t stopping.

  2. It’s a win-win. They move away and still do all their shopping here because we have no salse tax. That’s good for business. Fewer people here means we can get away with less government.

  3. funny enough, i work in oregon and live in washington. though i have to file a different form for taxes, i still find that i pay just as much in income tax as those that live there. someone i know that lives in long beach but works in astoria told me that after filing his taxes this year he paid MORE in income tax than resident oregonians.

  4. Though I dream daily of being able to come “home” again, the thought of that ridiculous taxation has made me eye Washington and even freaking Idaho as possible alternatives. They need to fix this. Please don’t make me live in Idaho!

  5. Guy: They’ll have a salse tax as soon as they figure out a way to make salsa “sinful” … like alcohol, gas, and cigarettes.

    Auntie: I found out it’s even worse. One of our employees was saying that they live in OR, and his wife works in WA … and they have to pay OR income tax on her earnings.

  6. I dunno … salsa’s pretty popular. And you can eat it almost anywhere … unlike how they’ve limited where you can smoke. I wouldn’t doubt a salsa tax is in Oregon’s future. ;o)

  7. Even the local Tea Party organizers have skeedaddled cross-river to Rosberg is it but keep title to their little Oregon property holdings?

    Wonder what kind of message that sends, especially after their staggering loss in Clatsop County in 2010?

  8. Clatsop County politics is analogous to that of the State of Oregon. Unsustainable and anti business.

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