Low On Storage Space (Android)

Today I had an issue with my Droid Incredible and was not able to access my gmail messages.  The problem message I kept getting was a HTC process that would not function and as a result, the phone would not autosync.

Exasperating an already bad situation was a “Low on storage space” message that wouldn’t go away. I tried everything and it wouldn’t go away. I searched online for a remedy and did not come across one so easily. The problem was I had plenty of storage space left (using only 214mb and over 500mb free) so I knew something wasn’t quite right.

I finally found the solution and thought I would share it with you in case this happens to you in the future or it happened and you stumbled on this site through an exhaustive search!

1. Goto settings
2. Goto applications
3. Manage applications
4. Check your facebook app, gmail app, twitter app, and whatever apps you use the most of. On each one, push the “clear data” button.

This should free things up and get you syncing again. In my case, my facebook app was the culprit.


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