Middle Class Tax

This is day 2 of 2013 and my first paycheck of the year got deposited. It is 2.5% lighter than it was a week ago thanks in large part to Obama.

I also blame the Senate and House of Representatives for causing the middle class to have to pay more of their paycheck to support a bloated government that thinks special interest pork is more important.

What’s worse is what’s coming for me in July when our health plan is renewed. Our provider said to expect an additional $200/month increase due to Obamacare.

I will absolutely not vote for an incumbent in my State when again given the chance. You blew it.

These guys are first class douchebags and could care less about the American public it represents.


2 thoughts on “Middle Class Tax

  1. $200 a month!?!?

    Today I was downtown waiting for my bus. This lady comes up riding a Rascal, and asks for “$2.75 so I can get a sandwich at Subway.” Having a sort of WWJD moment, pointing up the street I say, “You’re in luck, there is a Subway right over there” I gave her $3 and she thanked me. Then, I watched her roll her Rascal right past the Subway and out of sight without stopping.

    It sort of feels like that, doesn’t it?

    • The company pays my individual healthcare. My family is on me. Yes, $200 additional per month is what I was told to expect come July.

      This has to stop.

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