There Is No Mandate

Obama is at it again.  Hitting the airwaves as the press gives him a free ride.  Obama can do no wrong and “journalists” if that’s what you call them, no longer ask the tough questions.  Sad.  Really sad.  I know they are capable – I’ve seen them grill many a good GOP President.  Unfortunately their regressive progressive agenda prevents them from fair reporting.  This is bad for America and I do not subscribe.

Recently your President has been talking about this “Election Mandate”.  He won the election so now all of his policies are “what the people want”.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth annointed one.  Obama forgets a massive majority of Republicans were sent to the fiscal stewards House of Representatives.  Do you think this is by accident?  Of course not.  Everyone knows you can’t give away the fiscal keys to the king of spending.

This whole fiscal cliff thing has been a comedy.  Neither side (especially the left) have even discussed the real problem which is spending.  Why the American public isn’t threatening to hang these spenders out to dry is beyond me.  I personally will be going to the ballot box in 2014 and will be voting against anyone who was not involved in cost cutting.  I’m done and will be doing my part to hang them out to dry.

So Obama, there is no mandate and if you believe otherwise, you are delusional.


2 thoughts on “There Is No Mandate

  1. Bush said he had a mandate and then proceded to empty the treasury. Did you complain then?

  2. No. I had some great productive years during the Bush era and my taxes were lower. We also didn’t have 16.4 trillion in debt during Bush. Obama, the House, and the Senate are all complicit in driving us further into the ground. This will result in less prosperity for everyone.

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