A Time For Arms

I’m no fan of Barack Obama.  If you are reading here for the first time and find this offensive, leave now.  I really dislike his politics and his tactics to divide Americans.  You will not convince me otherwise because the evidence over the past 4 years is incontrovertible (I first heard this word on Pink Floyd The Wall in 1979). There is always the tie to the Floyd.

I am a patriot and love my country.  I love the fact we have the 2nd amendment.  I’m not a gun nut (yet) but am very much in favor of possessing whatever gun one wants to possess for whatever purpose it serves that individual.  I believe any form of gun control is useless and will not deter events that have taken place in the past from taking place again in the future. There are evil people in this world and evil people will not be deterred from doing evil things.

Since evil people will continue to do evil things, why don’t we get rid of places that evil likes to congregate and perform.  Like “gun free zones” for instance.  The shootings that have taken place lately were all performed in “gun free zones”.

Gun free zones won’t protect you.  It is time to get rid of the gun free zones and allow anyone who wants to arm themselves to do so.  A policy of armed protection should be developed for every school in the nation.

This gets me to the Federal level of the Dept of Education.  They are basically worthless and yet are a gigantic bureaucracy.  A form of welfare for schools.  I had been in favor of totally getting rid of the Dept of Education and let the states sort it out themselves but now can actually see a worthy cause – Security in our schools.

Liberals like to vision themselves as progressive yet love to hold onto regressive ideas.  Gun control has never worked except for tyrannical governments.  Regressive.

If you haven’t already, you should read the following articles. I guarantee you will learn something about guns, the people that possess them, and the people who want to take them away.