Lions and Tigers and Bears and Donkeys

Liberals have no concept, nor do they care.

Liberals don’t care where the money comes from. Why should they care about spending that money?

Where does money come from?
Many believe it comes from the Federal Govt or Central Banks. While the argument can be made the Feds/Central bank are manufacturers of money, I don’t believe they create the wealth behind it. Since our economical implosion happened in 2008, our Federal Govt has been printing money in an effort to create short term wealth. 5 years later our domestic fiscal policy has gotten us nowhere because fiscal policy does not result in the expansion of [sustainable] wealth. I am in the camp that says don’t print wealth and let the pieces fall where they may. I believe a tough love fiscal policy would have paved the path toward a stronger, if not sooner recovery.

Sustainable wealth comes from the hard work of PROFITABLE businesses. Businesses thrive in climates that aren’t overburdened with Govt regulation and taxes. Liberals don’t grasp this subject so they are incapable of knowing how money (real wealth) is produced and sustained.

Liberals, like Obama think money comes from the trees of Govt and is there for their indiscriminate use.

Obama’s $100-million dollar vacations are evidence of a politician out of touch with common Americans. We like our vacations. We pay for our vacations.


He is off the proverbial reservation and has taken up permanent residence in some magical kingdom. The only problem, well, one of many, is this is all reminiscent of the Trail of Tears.

As a side note, I want to adopt a style of writing that fails to capitalize either the President’s title, or his name. I realize the lack of proper capitalization is painful for the reader but Obama is painful for this writer! He has desecrated his position, and is not worthy of the office. I have never held any sitting president in the same contempt I have for this man.

When it comes to president obama, I’m the new e.e. cummings.

he simply is not worthy of my respect and I can’t wait until he is rendered useless by the 2014 election, with an House and/or Senate of majority Republicans. Or when he is gone come 2016. Whatever comes first, this man:

is no leader.
is self-absorbed.
is spineless.
is arrogant.
is a liar.
is a divider.
puts politics over people.

Now he’s going on a $100 million vacation to Africa. That’s a lot of money and it pisses me off.

To put this in perspective, the richest billionaires in the world wouldn’t spend this kind of money on a vacation. I doubt the richest in the world would spend a tenth of that amount.

The CEO of the company I work for just took his wife and two sons to Africa. Did a similar route that obama is taking. Gone 10 days.

I did a little research on what it would cost a common American to enjoy a similar vacation in Africa for a family of 4. $15,000.

$15,000 is a lot of money for a vacation; I’m taking my family of 4 on vacation this year and won’t spend more than $1000. Perhaps I would spend more if taxpayers were funding my family’s adventures.

Why are we funding obama’s? Why is this acceptable? Why can’t he delay his vacations so we don’t have to pay for them?

People (liberal shills) have made the argument “he’s the president and needs security”. Bullshit. He isn’t owed anything and can go on vacation on his own dime – Just like you and I.

This president is living the dream. You and I are funding it. From where I come from, people fund their own damned vacations and so should he.

This extravagant vacation is unacceptable.


5 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears and Donkeys

  1. In the first 31 months Obama used 70 days as Bush used 225 days. Selective Fox memory again, g?

  2. Not selective at all. I’m not sure what your reference to Fox is. I cited my references and not one of them is Fox. I do however enjoy Fox over the liberal/socialist preferred MSNBC.

    The other fallacy you bring up is what many liberals/socialists like to bring up and that is former President Bush. From what I can infer from your statement is that since Bush had vacation time (maybe too much?), it is OK for obama to have too much vacation time. No, it’s not ok.

    My article is not about vacation time. I didn’t even mention it so I’m not sure how you made the reach. Obvious Bush dig I’m guessing. The left liberal socialists can’t stop blaming Bush because if they stop would mean to accept the fact their own president is inept.

    In case you missed it, the premise of this article is to point out that going on a $100m vacation is not acceptable by any standards and that only a liberal socialist who thinks it is OK to spend other people’s money would think it was acceptable.

  3. And just how much do you think it cost to fly Bush and all his support people to Crawford just so he could play Texas Logger with his whimpy ass chain saw???

  4. Not sure and again, trying to justify this by blaming Bush is a non starter. Do you think it is acceptable we have to spend $100m on obama’s vacation?

  5. 100 million is unjustifiable. Yes, presidents should have vacations and yes, taxpayers are going to foot the bill because of security. However, there has to be some common sense in making the decision where to go. I would much rather send a president to his hometown in Texas (or Illinois) and spend a whole lot less money. They are not kings and we are not subjects. They are presidents and are subject to us.

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