A Half Hour Well Spent

A wonderful speech. Not to be missed.


Some Links and Benign Commentary

Catching up on some rest and relaxation today. Watching golf and wishing I was on the links. Kutcher and Fowler are both at even. Tough day with a lot of wind on the course at Kapalua. One of the golfers hats just blew off.

I bought a truck yesterday. A 2000 F-350 Crew Cab 4×4. It has the V10 and moves along nicely. This is picture of my girls guarding it on the logging roads above my house.
f-350 emmadaisy

Here are some links for you to visit.

MaxRedline writes about gun control
A recipe for activism against gun control
A contrary view on the fiscal cliff
How high will US debt go?

Alrighty Then

I’ve been absent for awhile.  Gonna try real hard to make an effort to start blogging again. For those of you that aren’t on Facebook, I’ve been very vocal about my thoughts on the current political scene and will continue to highlight my thoughts on what I believe is wrong with America.  I’m still into Tech also so I do intend to post tech articles again as I have in the past.  Of course the obligatory Pink Floyd articles will also be mandatory.  Actually, I can’t see much changing other than my personal political views will come into play a little more.  I need an outlet to exhaust my pent-up anger at our current administration and legislators.  We should sack all of them.

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, they have changed the format on writing posts here at WordPress!!

For an idea of what to expect, I’m somewhat on the Pro-Gun trail right now and believe armed faculty and/or armed guards and video surveillance are needed in our schools.

More later.  I promise.

Google Voice

It’s no secret I am an admitted Google-aholic. I use it daily for both personal and business. Google integrates seamlessly with my HTC Incredible smartphone so it makes it all the more easy access to all things Google.

I got an early invite to try out Google Voice when it was still in beta and a few months ago, Google Voice became available to the masses.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Voice, it allows you to pick a local number and set it up to ring through the google answering service and will forward to whatever phone you want.

Crow Saves an Eagle

My good buddy, Dave Crow, recently took some time off from fishing to rescue an eagle from certain peril.

I’ve known Dave since “back in the day” when we used to paint the town. Sobriety wasn’t exactly our strong point.

When he isn’t out fishing or saving eagles, Dave is a great drywall craftsman who recently did some work for me in my home remodel. I highly recommend Dave to anyone who needs a good sheetrock job. He is of the best I’ve ever had do work for me and I don’t give those kind of compliments to everyone!

Watch the video.