Coming January 11th:Vodpod videos no longer available.



For you 24 fans, get ready to tune in to Fox on November 23rd for the “prequel” which bridges the gap between seasons. 24 officially premiers on January 11th. This is my favorite tv show and thanks to the writers strike, I’ve had to wait out a whole season 24-less.

For those of you who need a 24 primer, go HERE

Do you have problems with playback of media files? I did recently and downloaded some new software called K-Lite Codec’s. I had some problems with some of the download sites (too slowwww) and found a good place at FileHippo. Go HERE to download K-Lite. On the same note, I had to install twice because I didn’t first uninstall the codec’s that I had. Once I loaded K-Lite, I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall K-Lite, then reinstalled K-Lite. Worked like a charm.

Wind America

In an earlier post, the Irish were doing cool things with turbines.  Today it’s America’s turn.  According to an article in Science Daily, the good people in Rock Port Missouri have taken energy into their own hands and created a wind farm to furnish their power needs.  Sweet!

For those of you in the I love Free Speech arena, you need to follow what’s happening at the blog covering the Memphis police. Talk about a thorn in the side. I’m pretty stoked about it because Dirk Diggler is involved.

Mr. T is back. Betchyadidn’tknowthat. After the reality of the A-Team not making a comeback and having to admit Rocky will beat him up every time, the man who wears gold decided his next best option is to be the star of a Snicker’s commercial. It seems the title “Get Some Nuts” has the gay community a little riled. I pity the fool.

And, last but not least is my much anticipated Batman – The Dark Knight review.

The plot – Superb. It had nice flow and pretty much never a dull moment. Great action.
Batman – So/so. The “Batman voice” has to go. It’s a little annoying to me.
Joker – Words can’t describe this performance. Definitely THE reason to watch this show!
Two Face – So/so.
Gary Oldman – Not his best performance. I would equate it to Lost in Space.

My general opinion is Batman was not the star here. He was eclipsed by the Joker which in superhero movies isn’t usually the case. Heath Ledger’s performance is one of the darkest, funniest, and definitely creepiest performances I have ever seen. I am sure he will get the nod for an Oscar come that time. A definite go see it movie!

Batman The Dark Knight

This is rounding out to be a great year in g’s favorite character movies. Let’s see, we have the recent record breaking release of Batman The Dark Knight, James Bond is back in Quantum of Solace, and g’s very favorite, the return of The X Files. I predict I’ll be doing an unprecedented 3 times to the theater this year.

Batman The Dark Knight is really the story today. The caped crusader raked in a box office record breaking $66.4 million on it’s opening day! Sweet. It’s still early but the people who talk about these things say the late Heath Ledger who stars as The Joker has put on an Oscar worthy performance. I was really sad to see Heath Ledger become late because I did enjoy his movies and him as an actor. Definitely cut short in life. I sincerely hope he gets the nod come Oscar time.

I’ve been checking out website post movie interview polls of people exiting the movie and suffice to say, this movie either meets or exceeds most viewers expectations.

I guess I better quit reading all about it and get my tail end to the movie.

Moving Right Along…

Being dead was so yesterday. Well, actually, a couple of days ago. For those who didn’t get it (the dead post), I was a port commissioner for 13 years when I’d finally had enough and resigned. Long story short, I built a building on port property that a few people had a problem with and found our local paper would quote anything bad they would say about me or the building. I canceled the local paper about 2 months ago (thanks for the advice RS) and I still hear reports of my name surfacing and the same people being quoted. I really do take it with a grain of salt and sorry critics, but you won’t break me. You will never break me. You may win a few battles in your sick little worlds, but I OWN THE BIG PICTURE. I own it. I was going to quote Ezekiel before my guns start blazing but it has already been done.

Moving right along, as a construction geek (actually I’m a project manager), I’m always looking for better ways to make your life better through building. Demolition has always been a favorite part of the construction process for me.

Do You Have A Secret?

I remember back when I was young.  In grade school.  I liked to read spy books.  Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, several others I can’t remember now.  I though it was cool they could send secret coded messages.  I remember me and my childhood chums making up secret codes and putting together a deciphering tool so we could send each other secret coded messages.

I wish we had personal computers back then. There is a great secret encoder website called Encoder where you can type in a message and lock it with a password. You can send the jumbled up message to a chum, give them the password and they can head over to Encoder to decipher it. My 8 year old daughter and her neighbor friend are all over Encoder.

So if you have a secret message to send, make sure to encode it using Encoder.

Are you getting excited for the newest Batman release? Me too! I was seriously hoping my Batcar would be ready in time but I may have to wait.

Affordable green housing??? Yeah, you read it right. Some ultra cool folks in the Philly area are in the process of building a leed certified (or certifiable) house for $100k. I hope we can emulate these folks and try it ourselves. It can be done and they are showing us the way.

And finally for those of you (like myself) who have been asleep the past 15 years, Czechoslovakia is no longer a country. HEAR THAT JOHN MCCAIN?? I’m just glad he brought this to my attention. I hope Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd know this information.

Mr. Bond (Deux)

James BondAlright Bond fans, my favorite superhero is baaaaaaaaaaaack! The continuation from Casino Royale is soon to be released!

On November 7th, Quantum of Solace hits theaters near you! This is pretty exciting for me as I should have the Coming Attractions (same folks who own the Astoria Gateway Theater) Midway 10 cinema in Chehalis WA wrapped up by then and hopefully will be open for a Bond showing.

Go here for the trailer.